Hello i am just a guy from Serbia,contry whit beautiful people and big history in wich he was always on Good side.I am not good with Serbian anicent and medivial history but 1990-1999 are my speciality.Second War for Kosovo from 1999 is mine favorite so i start to build a mod about it "Kosovo Legend".In that time all world think that Serbians are "bad guys",killers,savigers but no one didn't know the trut.It is simple we were the good guys,we were fighting against Albanian UCK terrorist an 19 most powerfull world countries(NATO).VJ(Army of Yugoslavia(Serbia)) was fought best she could,enemy was attacking on vital points so we had losses but no so much like enemy,acording to data Pristina Korps of 3 Army loses were 2% of tehniques and 0.2% in people,but enemy had hevy losses UKC lose,acording to Serbian Army data,15 000 to 20 000 man's and NATO more than 100 planes,more than 60 helicopters,about 40 UAV's and 260 cursier missles.

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5 comments by General_Frenky on Jun 27th, 2011

Ljudi danas ujutru u 5 sati sam usta zbog nekih obaveza i rekoh da proverim dali ima novih komentara na topic-u za moj modu na BIS forumu i imam sta da vidim!!!

Serbian army was total destroyed in the fight for Kosovo. I no this very well. but nice idea for a mod. but the things that went on over there with Serbian troops and the Albainians people, i wont say any more about that. i wouldint feel right playing as Serbian army. like playing as the SS in WW2 i think. Although Serbian troops are no longer like the way they where in the war, they are now in line like the rest of european troops. but in the war they where total out of line. There was noting good to remember about that war. Kosovo and Bosnia are still rebuilding after that war. anyway sry for rant, good luck with mod.

Pa dobo dali je on normalan i ja sam naravno poludeo i mora da odgovorim na komentar!
it would not be right from me side not to answer on this post!

Linsten u,what the hell do you know abou that war!We were destroyed yes,0.7 in manpower and less than 2% of tehniques!We were like SS and what Albanians did,piliaging and killing whenever they could!I dont say that Serbian's didnt kill, its war but we didnt did monter mind massacres like albanians and their mercernaries and voulontires from Bosnia and Al-quaida!Why is Kosovo rebuilding becouse NATO run it over whit bombs,they used B-52 strategic bombers to bombard infantry and vilages whit "carpet bombings"!!!!!!Bosnia,did JNA was in Bosnia what the hell are u talking about,Bosnian's attacked JNA convoys in Sarajevo and Tuzla and it is approved that those attacks on JNA were war crimes!

A da mi je to rekao uzivo on ceo kuci ne bi otisato!

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