I'm mostly a programmer, but can find my way around Photoshop relatively well. I'm proficient in Java and good at C#. I'm also interested in web design. I know HTML and CSS. I'm always interested in helping designers out and would love to talk to any fellow gamers and programmers.

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Pixel Art Alter Ego

5 years ago by garrettcolas 0 comments
Pixel Art Alter Ego
Pixel Art Alter Ego

My artist made me some super snazzy pixel art avatars and I will now be systematically replacing every profile picture, on every account I own, to one of these sexy sprites.

Alliteration is good; some super snazzy sexy sprites.

Gandorf the dwarf

5 years ago by garrettcolas 0 comments

Hey internet people, meet Gandorf. He would love to know what you think of his dashingly good looks. What do you think?

Group created for a great new Indie development team

5 years ago by garrettcolas 0 comments

I'm happy to use this site for my indie projects and this is a great place to start. The teams name is French Rice Games and will soon be bringing you 2D Java goodness. This is my first try at making a professional and truly unique game. Before now I've only worked on dinky space shooters and single level plat-formers. This new project will be completely different, with randomly generated levels and interesting AI for the creatures, it should provide a visceral unique experience.

I'll post some mock-ups and other goodies once we make the project its own page. For now we just have a group for our team.

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