A coder living near berlin in a little city called "eberswalde". I finished my university bachelor degree in "landuse and nature conversation" but am full of love and passion for video and pc games. I have done a lot of computerwork for mods in various disciplines but actually become good at coding after quite a while. My favourite gameengine is unity3D and I really fell in love with C# and visual studio. I still have to learn a lot - but im quite fast in that. By the way: I am one of the people who will get a Occulus Rift and visiting my own VR worlds with all the rules I apply to them, muhahaha - this will be great!

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Some people will allready know it, but maybe some haven`t heard it yet: The Gritty Zone is dead.

the king is dead, ...

The Gritty Zone was one of the best mod projects I anticipated in. I worked with plenty of people in my time as modder and also took a mods lead in the old days of Stalker aliVe but The Gritty Zone was different. It was much more mature and professional than the old days and it was big. Problem is big ideas and xray (stalkers engine) does not fit together that well...
It was so much to code for just one coder and not so nice tools for debugging and stuff. So much to model for just one artist with issues in converting stuff backandforth with a not so nice SDK to work with. So much to design for just two people who have to think more about workarounds than creating fun gameplay.
Even so, we made good progress and in my oppinion had also a little impact at the stalker modding scene. We created modified levels, inserted new AI behaviours, designed even a little new game mechanic, I learned an awsome lot of stuff - but than it was just to demoralizing to see a cryptic bugtrap again...
And so we looked at each other quietly and thought: "this project has lost its steam - do not do what you do not like in your freetime!" - and bundled all stuff we had created in a dropbox and gave it the community.

and what happened then?

Very good things happened: First of all I finished my university time and got my bachelor degree. Yippeeh! Just some days after that I got a chance to get employed at my own university working with old mentors which were very helpful during my time as student. Hurray! At my first day as employee my daughter was born. Jesus, now it get´s a bit to much!!!
Yes thats true. It is a time of change for me. I set sails to new not yet seen areas of my world. And was sailing for some time...

... ,long live the king!
As Creator, and for me a coder is a creator, too, You can live without doing your passion for some time. But some day you will feel the itch again and thats what happened to me. I thought about people I would like to work with on a new project and wrote an email to an old friend. A friend I accompanied for a long time in the zone.


Couldn't have said it better myself man.

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