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GalderWetterwachs Nov 23 2012 replied:

That's exactly what i want to do ;) I'm not trying to port the game drakensang into Oblivion. To get the permission to do so would be a nightmare on its own ;). So the game Drakensang is a template, or better just a pattern what the mod should feel like. As it's not even a party you're commanding in Oblivion, it will use its own kind of game mechanic, just inspired by Drakensang ;)
So far, the city of Ferdok is now finished, and i'm adding the interiors while slowly populating the areas. The dwarves have also appeared on stage as a playable race. I'll give some more informations when i have the next news and download ready.

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GalderWetterwachs Nov 19 2012 replied:

It's very motivating to get a positive feedback. Thanks a lot ;) The town of Ferdok has now all districts, and i can now start to create all the interiors, starting with the new deep city in the dwarven district.

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GalderWetterwachs Nov 14 2012 replied:

Thanks! So far, Ferdok gets currently its final shape. The darven district is already planned, and Grafenstadt is already ercted. It still needs some deatils though, like fountains and fences.

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GalderWetterwachs Nov 3 2012 replied:

I know, that's already planned. But as the first city is pretty big, i need a kind of layout where and how to place the outer walls and what is visible from higher ground and in the LODs, so i can remove the unneeded buildings ;) By comparing the remaining ground afterwards, i can safely relocate missing content without spoiling the view of the city, and without trapping the player in some houses ;)

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GalderWetterwachs Nov 3 2012 replied:

Thanks! Yes, but i recently got some feedback, so i decided to share this ;) A lot of work, but so far, i'm quite content to see the city growing and making the first steps in outlining the gameplay.

+4 votes   mod: DSA Kosch2
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