Working on some characters.... practice projects in UDK if you want an amateur character designer I could use the practice >> if you want help or have suggestions let me know! >> zbrush >> 3ds >> UDK

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Engine Review on Feb 18th, 2012 - 1 person agrees

#3 on my list... its compatibility and community is stellar it is easy to use and you can script in pretty much anything you want.

but its costly to get the versions i want like the android or pro unity

9 Review

Engine Review on Feb 18th, 2012

Defiantly a top of the line tool
love the water ease of use, and how allot of things just work.

although you need to be online to use it.... i like to do my hobby on the go and cant because of this alone I don't use it.
also when you want something more custom put in I find it difficult to follow the online tutorials.

Unreal Development Kit
10 Review

Engine Review on Feb 12th, 2012

love it... FBX files supported, easy kismet scripting, ect ect
just so easy and fun to use. keep it up as always UDK

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