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YOU CALL THIS A FOOTBALL TEAM?? WE LOST 41 -6 AND WE ENDED THE GAME IN A FIGHT!!?? WHAT THE FUCK? for some reason my football team thinks its okay to start shit with the other team. one of our players punched the other coach, two of out players double teamed one dude (i felt bad for that guy), and worst of all the one of the other players on the other team got PARALYZED!! OUR FOOTBALL PROGRAM IS SHIT I CANT TAKE MY TEAM SERIOUSLY ANY MORE. IM NOT JOINING NEXT SEASON, not for this team.

My older brother (hes a senior) just left the feild when the fight broke out.hes like "fuck this you guys suck" lol what a beast. hes the star runner back and the best player on the team.

After the game in the locker room my team (not me or my bro) was cheering saying that "thats the way you end a game" im like what kind of team is this. then when my coach came in he said :

"i hope you guys are happy, theres a kid on the floor he cant feel his hands or legs and his mom is crying her eyes out. at first i wanted to say 'im proud of you guys for your hard work' but you guys make me sick i cant even look at you.'
- coach billy

then when he left every one started to screw around like ignorant bastards. i hope they go to hell, we just practically ended that kids life, he cant move forever. i feel so bad

God help this kid :(

high school sucks

fudrucker5 Blog 0 comments

i recently just entered 9th grade and i have to say.... well it sucks! first of all i hate my damn class i was put in. its filled with cocky show offs and slutty whore girls who are such tryhards. second of all my teachers dont know how to teach ( feel like im wasting my time in class) and they dont know how to control the students so we're always wild in the classroom. third, is that all my old friends dont talk to me any more because they think just because they're in high school they have to act differently. ( probably because of peer pressure but i dont give a shit). fourth, MY HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM SUCKS ASS, 0 - 6 GAMES WE LOST OMFG WHAT THE HELL IS THAT. EACH GAME WE GET BLOWN OUT LIKE 34 - 0 POINTS. I MEAN WHAT THE FUCK!! fifth, home work is piling up and i have to focus on school more harder since grades really count this year. and lastly the school administration changed the vice principal to a more stricter person so all the rules can be enforced and followed. ( uniforms have to be in order, class on time ALWAYS, no talking at all, etc) I JUST REALLY HATE HIGH SCHOOL. maybe itll change or things'll get better since this is just my freshmen year but over all im not looking foward to the rest of my high school year. :\

Weird Day.

fudrucker5 Blog 0 comments

Im glad that this is the only thing i get to spam on. ^_^

I had a weird day.
To begin with, i got rick rolled in the morning while trying to look for iso version of F.E.A.R. (pc)
Then when i decided to play modern warfare on my ps3 my eyes played a trick on me and i thought i saw a fucking ghost! When i saw it i froze, wide eyed O.O Then i realized that it was some shadow my plant was casting, thats when i hit the light switch >.<'.
And finally when i was playing mw2 this dude iGotScpoe messaged me, saying this : "Hey abdel"
How the fuck does he know me? I then got a little scared because a random online dude knows my name so i started spamming messages back at him saying "Who are you, you go to my school? Wtf". O.o i'm starting to get the idea that im getting stalked.
(sniff)mommy(sniff) )':
then i rememberd that i posted my name on moddb so that igotscope dude probably's a member of moddb and found my psID on my page. :P

I just wanted to share this day lol
Abdel out..

First of many.

fudrucker5 Blog 0 comments

Things i like:MW2, COD4
ANIME ( ' ' )
Just to give you viewers a glimpse of what i like look above.

I basically don't know what to say right now. I'm rewatching an anime at the moment. Really nice story, although it's a romantic comedy >:P you guys may not like it.
-> CLANNAD <- is tha anime ^_^

Game development for Alpha Team six is progressing slowly. Getting some of the models done but havent been working on it for a while because of school >_<. The game wont make any progress untill we got some coding down, other than that, we have every position covered, and hopefully it wont go dead.. hopefully >.>

Haven't been playing my ps3 in a while. i guess im loosing interest in games :\. Well people change.

Writing 50 page story for shcool! i love writing so im'a get an A on it! Story's about a boy who gets bullied by another kid, he eventually gets sick of it and developes the bravery to stand up to the bully. in the process he kill's the bully and he runs away in fear of getting caught... to be continued o.O

thats it for now, thanks for viewing
Abdel out ;)

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