My name is Narciso. I like playing PC Video Games as you can tell by my xfire profile. I have been playing since the late 80's early 90's. Sadly I don't have a mod I work on or make. Someday I will when I learn how to :). Until then I will joy the mod's on DB. Until next time I get around to posting more info on my self, keep gaming! ;)

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ModDB getting better

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Well since my last blog I have played around with the new Version of ModDB site and I am happy to say things here at ModDB have gotten better. They are still working on it and hopfully it will by at 100% soon. It's a work in progress. I just wish they would have pluged in the new site after they had everything ready and working. But was not my call. But all in all Moddb is doing better since they last updated there site.

Moddb v.4 *frosty shakes fist*

Frostynine Blog 0 comments

Well so far I am lost! I am not liking this new v4 of mod-db. I can not find anything... not even what I really want to find, Which is the list of the mods I am watching. Which now they don't call it watching but "tracking". Not only that but to make a blog it has to be 300 characters in length. So now I have to type all this BS and nonsense. blah blah blah waa waa waa Which is going to take up space and resources on their server.

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