I love old classic rock; Led Zep, Queen, Aerosmith, GnR, Lynryd Skynryd, that stuff. I listen to all kinds of music, ye, I just prefer the old school. Ball is LIFE.

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1: I'm a friendly person.
2: I am one of the most flirty people you'll ever meet, but I'm terrible...
3: I like old, classic music.
4: I like jokes.
5: I have the world's crappiest jokes.
6: I fall for as many as 9 girls at the same time. Not anymore. Yay me!
7: I like love video games
8: I don't care much for politics
9: Spoil me about Mass Effect endings. I will never play them. Just more for me to spoil.
10: Even with 300+ hours of Skyrim recorded while online, I had no internet for over 4 months, and I'd go to my cousins house after every week to download mods. During this time, I can estimate a record of 3700+ hours of Skyrim. I've never been so addicted to a game. I can't get it to work so my addiction's over. Thank the Lord.
11: I like mods. A lot.
12: I'm a very good, experienced, bug finder. I take my time. I spent 17 hours straight in the summer finding bugs for one of FI2's most bugged releases, but I found most of them. I missed around 20 maps and 2 invasion factions though. Still, a lot.
13: Full Invasion 2 and Edain Mod are my two favorite top mods in ModDB.
14: I lead a Napoleonic Wars regiment called: Nr62. Our page is right here: Fsegames.eu If you wanna join, please add me on Steam: Frenchiest of Fries The regiment's dead. But I started a Gaming Community called KoS. Just add me for information :) Yeah KOS is also dead lol Screw online gaming communities and regiments. pls. Instead I'm in ViViD Gaming as the solo laner for their Smite division in Tango squad. We might play for the Challenger cup though!
15: I like to troll.
16: I'm a very good liar, but I don't abuse it.
17: I'm quite honest. Don't trust with secrets.
18: I don't like lists.
19: I hate irony.
20: I'm a nerd for the Elder Scrolls, Star Wars, A Song of Ice and Fire, and the Lord of the Rings. OH! AND COMICS. Yas.
21: I'm a fan of history.
22: I find it stupid when people cling on to something you find in history books. ie: People hanging Confederate flags outside your house; thinking Nazis are the supreme race. What's the point.
23: I'm a happy camper.
24: I lose my temper easily.
25: I don't like rude, insensitive people. Get some manners, grow up, be polite, and just be mature.
26: I have a fear of volumes being at this number 27: 27 is my favorite number
28: 7 * 4 = 28, THE MORE YOU KNOW
29: I don't really know anything aboot myself.
30: pls talk to me :c lol I'm interesting, sometimes.
31: Got the best girl in the world in my life <3
32: I offer modding advice.
33: I used to do some beginner-intermediate coding until I got bored. But now I'm looking to get into computer science :D
34: I'm one of the best NA meleers in Warband. I quit NW and WB but I can still provide a challenge. Sike. I suck now.
35: Metro 2033 and Last Light are my two favorite single player story line games.
36: I don't have that many friends. But I still enjoy the company of a random gamer and playing a couple games with them.
37: Although I don't have many friends, I still have a small group of friends I can consider real friends. Having a small group that cares about you is better than having a big group where none of them even cares.
38: I'm a fan of Devil May Cry, not DMC.
39: I switch names frequently, I'd recommend you try to make sure to remember call me French Fry.
40: My old regiment name was called 3rdHIV (3rd Hungarian Invantry Volunteers).
41: I laugh with my girl even though she's laughing at me.. help.
42: SMITE best game NA
43: I'm a loner.
44: Irony is the funniest thing sometimes.
45: I'm super friendly.
46: I like big butts and I cannot lie. No, really. I like big butts. Kidding, I'm a legs guy.
47: Smite is my favorite Moba and my current addiction as of February, 2014.
48: I play basketball and enjoy it.
49: Football (American and futbol) is an eww sport.
50: My top 5 favorite athletes are all basketball players (Tracy McGrady, Stephen Curry, Derrick Rose, Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson (respectively, starting with 5)).
51: If I use a "hashtag" otherwise known as the number sign (#), I use it as a joke. I think it's very stupid.
52: #yoloswag #brodobaggins
53: I love to play Basketball, and in order to make the team I need to practice my left. My shooting is great. I can make floaters over people 6-10 inches taller than me (I'm 5"10.5'). I can shoot well. I can drive great. And I can pass and have good ball handling. Problem? I don't practice my left cause I'm busy playing games or want to practice my right more.
54: I'd love to play for my school though.
55: I broke my brother's ankles so bad he quit playing basketball for months.
56: Not really an about me now it's more of a thing's I've done + goals.
57: Shrek is love, Shrek is life.
58: The greatest thing I've ever seen in sports is an ankle breaker. And seeing people do it in Tennis or Football is so awesome.
59: I have a small temper, but I never rage at teammates.
60: If I play alone and then I "rek" the enemy team, I start talking crap at the end of the game and bragging, only to get rekt on by someone better the next game. (In fact, that would probably be my only good game for 6 weeks)s
61: I am currently in the 24te Regiment of Foot for Napoleonic Wars. If you're interested in joining, PM me. Can't catch a break with a regiment that lives longer than 2 months come on
62: French Fry is the longest name I've stuck to online.
63: I love my girl 103.75% more than people usually love their S.O.s
64: That's about all you really need to know about me so yeah.

And most importantly: Ball is Life


But French Fry, no. 41 and 39 seem to contradict each other. As do 42 and 19. Wait a minute...

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The only reason i would probably marry you is number 7. :D

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