I love old classic rock; Led Zep, Queen, Aerosmith, GnR, Lynryd Skynryd, that stuff. I listen to all kinds of music, ye, I just prefer the old school. Ball is LIFE.

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Game of Thrones Theory Crafting

French_Fry Blog


My friend came up to me with a theory and I immediately shut him down being too strict to the books/story. I changed my mind and kind of chilled out a bit and ended up crafting his theory for him. Sent him this message:

"Okay so I looked over your theory and it shows promise. There's a lot of ups and downs in the theory itself, many things conflicting each other as they're all said in a story point of view. None so far by a person who witnessed the events. But there is one thing that I literally just figured out right now. Dany told the story of Rhaegar to Missandei (?) and she never heard that story from anyone. Viserys was too young to even know the story so that leaves us with Jorah telling her. Jorah was there. And again, though, it's a matter of perspective as she said "Rhaegar crowned Lyanna the Queen of Love and Beauty, and her away from her bethroted." Depends on whether you see stole as kidnapped or a "Mr. Steal Yo Girl" manner. Now that basically all the evidence is laid (not going into detail with the positives of this theory and the negatives), let's launch into the 2nd part of figuring out this theory, logic and motives. Reasons for Lyanna loving Rhaegar: She cried at him playing music (probably a great deal of people did but eh). She thought highly of him (as did every single fucking person in Westeros and Essos). She was nervous and questioned her bethrotal to Robert (probably the best evidence so far, but correlation cannot be explained by what we've seen and what we know so far). She may have been infatuated, but that does not necessarily mean she's in love. I see this more like strict vs not-so-strict (I forgot the term). As in just because it wasn't said she wasn't in love, it makes it a possibility. Anyways, since there's not much more than stories and shit and I kind of went off track, you have to ask yourself, is Lyanna really the type of girl to runaway with someone who's family murdered yours? I mean maybe that's where Sansa got it from, but as previously mentioned, Arya reminded Ned of Lyanna. So that's not really something she would do. Another thing, Ned was raised to be honorable. He wasn't just like that. He tried raising his kids to do the right thing too. So you have to assume (since this entire theory is based off of assumptions, it can't be one sided) that Lyanna was raised to be the same way. And to desert your bethroted to runaway with someone else is the wrong thing to do. A case against this is Robb Stark and Jeyne Westerling (Or Talisa). Another thing is why would Lyanna runaway with Rhaegar, full-knowing that Rhaegar did nothing to try and stop Aerys from burning her father alive and choking her brother to death. And what's to happen if Ned died at the Tower of Joy, what then? Plus the main reason for the war in the first place was the massacre by Aerys I just described. And had Rhaegar beaten Robert, Ned would've been next. Rhaegar would probably kill Robert, but he'd know Lyanna would never forgive him for killing the last of her family. That's about all I have for Adeel's theory. Honestly, it's too linear and symmetrical with Robb's love life, and that's something G.R.R. Martin (or the show writers for that matter) would prevent from happening. But Adeel you made your case and your theory is very strong to be honest, we'll just have to wait and see. #comeandseebastard"


Guitarists on YouTube

French_Fry Blog 1 comment

I've been playing Smite a lot lately but still manage to get some time into playing guitar.

Started going for a goal to get as good as Igor Presnyakov or Sungha Jung in terms of fingerstyle, percussion, and guitar playing. They're very two talented people, and they inspired me me to pick my guitar up and getgudm8

Anyways, topic of this subject include 3 individuals on YouTube.

First off, let's start with Jess Greenberg.
Guitar skills are above average and she can sing pretty well.
Youtube.com - demo video
She's got a lot of viewers and that's good for her, but like, you can sort of tell why if you watch her videos haha

Next we go to Peter Gergerly
Guitar skills are like, amazing. Must've taken years and years of practice.
Youtube.com - demo video
He's not as recognized as Jess Greenberg when he should be just as recognized for his amazing skill with the guitar. Like, bruh, the playing is so awesome.

Lastly, my favorite guitarist on YouTube, Lukas Jury
Youtube.com - demo video
Too good, too great, too wonderful. Probably the best guitarist I've seen on YouTube (second only to Sungha Jung). He's got no one watching him though :( Yet he's so, so, so good and talented. Like, he took years and years of his life to practice guitar, and I believe it'll be worth it because now he's set for life if he pursues a musical career. Just look at that skill with the guitar. Check out Denker and Clocks too, he just played those with such awesomeness. He deserves a lot lot more people following him. Like, please, more people pls. watch him. He's a masterrrr

About Me

French_Fry Blog 2 comments

1: I'm a friendly person.
2: I am one of the most flirty people you'll ever meet, but I'm terrible...
3: I like old, classic music.
4: I like jokes.
5: I have the world's crappiest jokes.
6: I fall for as many as 9 girls at the same time. Not anymore. Yay me!
7: I like love video games
8: I don't care much for politics
9: Spoil me about Mass Effect endings. I will never play them. Just more for me to spoil.
10: Even with 300+ hours of Skyrim recorded while online, I had no internet for over 4 months, and I'd go to my cousins house after every week to download mods. During this time, I can estimate a record of 3700+ hours of Skyrim. I've never been so addicted to a game. I can't get it to work so my addiction's over. Thank the Lord.
11: I like mods. A lot.
12: I'm a very good, experienced, bug finder. I take my time. I spent 17 hours straight in the summer finding bugs for one of FI2's most bugged releases, but I found most of them. I missed around 20 maps and 2 invasion factions though. Still, a lot.
13: Full Invasion 2 and Edain Mod are my two favorite top mods in ModDB.
14: I lead a Napoleonic Wars regiment called: Nr62. Our page is right here: Fsegames.eu If you wanna join, please add me on Steam: Frenchiest of Fries The regiment's dead. But I started a Gaming Community called KoS. Just add me for information :) Yeah KOS is also dead lol Screw online gaming communities and regiments. pls. Instead I'm in ViViD Gaming as the solo laner for their Smite division in Tango squad. We might play for the Challenger cup though!
15: I like to troll.
16: I'm a very good liar, but I don't abuse it.
17: I'm quite honest. Don't trust with secrets.
18: I don't like lists.
19: I hate irony.
20: I'm a nerd for the Elder Scrolls, Star Wars, A Song of Ice and Fire, and the Lord of the Rings. OH! AND COMICS. Yas.
21: I'm a fan of history.
22: I find it stupid when people cling on to something you find in history books. ie: People hanging Confederate flags outside your house; thinking Nazis are the supreme race. What's the point.
23: I'm a happy camper.
24: I lose my temper easily.
25: I don't like rude, insensitive people. Get some manners, grow up, be polite, and just be mature.
26: I have a fear of volumes being at this number 27: 27 is my favorite number
28: 7 * 4 = 28, THE MORE YOU KNOW
29: I don't really know anything aboot myself.
30: pls talk to me :c lol I'm interesting, sometimes.
31: Got the best girl in the world in my life <3
32: I offer modding advice.
33: I used to do some beginner-intermediate coding until I got bored. But now I'm looking to get into computer science :D
34: I'm one of the best NA meleers in Warband. I quit NW and WB but I can still provide a challenge. Sike. I suck now.
35: Metro 2033 and Last Light are my two favorite single player story line games.
36: I don't have that many friends. But I still enjoy the company of a random gamer and playing a couple games with them.
37: Although I don't have many friends, I still have a small group of friends I can consider real friends. Having a small group that cares about you is better than having a big group where none of them even cares.
38: I'm a fan of Devil May Cry, not DMC.
39: I switch names frequently, I'd recommend you try to make sure to remember call me French Fry.
40: My old regiment name was called 3rdHIV (3rd Hungarian Invantry Volunteers).
41: I laugh with my girl even though she's laughing at me.. help.
42: SMITE best game NA
43: I'm a loner.
44: Irony is the funniest thing sometimes.
45: I'm super friendly.
46: I like big butts and I cannot lie. No, really. I like big butts. Kidding, I'm a legs guy.
47: Smite is my favorite Moba and my current addiction as of February, 2014.
48: I play basketball and enjoy it.
49: Football (American and futbol) is an eww sport.
50: My top 5 favorite athletes are all basketball players (Tracy McGrady, Stephen Curry, Derrick Rose, Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson (respectively, starting with 5)).
51: If I use a "hashtag" otherwise known as the number sign (#), I use it as a joke. I think it's very stupid.
52: #yoloswag #brodobaggins
53: I love to play Basketball, and in order to make the team I need to practice my left. My shooting is great. I can make floaters over people 6-10 inches taller than me (I'm 5"10.5'). I can shoot well. I can drive great. And I can pass and have good ball handling. Problem? I don't practice my left cause I'm busy playing games or want to practice my right more.
54: I'd love to play for my school though.
55: I broke my brother's ankles so bad he quit playing basketball for months.
56: Not really an about me now it's more of a thing's I've done + goals.
57: Shrek is love, Shrek is life.
58: The greatest thing I've ever seen in sports is an ankle breaker. And seeing people do it in Tennis or Football is so awesome.
59: I have a small temper, but I never rage at teammates.
60: If I play alone and then I "rek" the enemy team, I start talking crap at the end of the game and bragging, only to get rekt on by someone better the next game. (In fact, that would probably be my only good game for 6 weeks)s
61: I am currently in the 24te Regiment of Foot for Napoleonic Wars. If you're interested in joining, PM me. Can't catch a break with a regiment that lives longer than 2 months come on
62: French Fry is the longest name I've stuck to online.
63: I love my girl 103.75% more than people usually love their S.O.s
64: That's about all you really need to know about me so yeah.

And most importantly: Ball is Life

Two Games for You to Watch Over

French_Fry Blog

Youtube.com The Forest
Most likely free, but you need a 3485739845738945 dollar computer to run this game. Note that the game is in Pre-Alpha and isn't at the height of it's visuals yet. Probably going to change the geometric shapes on some plants, maybe the hand, requires more curvature on the wrist. Anyways, it's designed to make you crap your pants. I can tell you with ease that this game will have one of the best visuals and effects this year, and maybe even several years later. How? The creators (They have 3 working on this full time) are experienced with video effects within the film industry (One ex: They worked on films such as 300). In which I can easily conclude these graphics are top notch. The game is single player and since it's Indie, it's PC only (TAKE IT CONSOLE PEASANTS!). They're focusing on finishing it for the Alpha, and then release it. Fix the bugs, then they can focus on multiplayer. They've already tested it, and have determined it to fit the game. It's a survival horror, build things like Minecraft. Stuff like that. Basically, you crash in a plane in the beginning, afterwards, you craft weapons, chop trees, build a small settlement for yourself. Be weary, at night, creatures will attack. Genetic mutants will be attacking you from all around. You can either defend, or take them head on. Discover the whole island. Indie Game of the Year it's released in my opinion.
*Created with Unity Engine 4*

Next game I want to talk about is Star Citizen
Youtube.com (Has a release date - November 2014. They rely on the funding of the game instead of big companies like EA to publish the game. So they need donations. So donate if you can. Donations = Alpha gameplay + Full game on November. Alpha is already released.)
This game here is made with the Cry Engine 3.
Top notch graphics as well, but again, take it console peasants, PC only.
Note: This game is possibly more demanding than The Forest. I'd say The Forest has better graphics than Star Citizen, but SC has bigger cells and will take up more memory. For example: GTX 780 - Can run it at the lowest - medium settings to get a steady Frame Rate.
Be a pirate. Be a merchant. Be a merc. Whatever you want. Amazing game. Really looking forward to it. Space simulation, that's also first person.

Now, hold it... I'm not done. The awesome part? Both are going to support the Oculus Rift. Don't know what that is? Basically, it makes you 'live' it. For example: Youtube.com
I want the OR to play these games sooooooo bad. Anywho, great games. Worth watching guys.

End this war... now.

French_Fry Blog

If you're deciding whether to get the Xbox One or the PS4, here are some pros and cons to both. Also, they both start out with 500 gb.


Pros -
Is 50% faster than the Xbox One.
Can run games at better graphic settings.
Can run on 4k screens.
Exclusive games from Naughty Dog. Another exclusive series is Killzone.
Internal Hard drive is upgrade(able), meaning you can remove the internal Hard Drive to change it to a large one.
Free internet connection.
Free Netflix.
$100 cheaper than the Xbox
Touchpad on the controller.
You can use Used Games. If you wanna know how, watch this video:Youtube.com
Thinner and smaller than the Xbox One. Much more discreet as an entertainment centre.
Much improved control pad over the DS, easy to use.
No worries about online requirements.
Long term ownership.

Cons -
Their exclusive games are utter crap compared to Xbox One (You'll see in a minute, because PS4's exclusive launch games include Resogun, Knack, and MLB 14: The Show).
Even though the hard drive is removable, if you're inexperienced you may damage it internally, so you have to repair/get a new one.
Although free, their internet servers aren't very good.
Just like Free 2 Play games, if you pay you get better things online (Playstation Plus - 49.99 for a year).
No external storage, just internal.
The same controller model.
Lack of Next-Gen vision, still relies on Disc Switching.

Comment: PS4's great. I'd take it over the Xbox One anyday. Except their launch titles are going to suck and it'll take some time before their good games come out.

Xbox One

Pros -
Great launch titles, such as Halo and Forza Mortorsport 5. Not good? Well then... Ryse: Son of Rome (Amazing game), Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Project Spark, Titanfall, Quantum Break, and D4.
Has great servers for online play. Good record for online services.
Reliable media and great UI performance.
Gives out 2 free games per month if you have Xbox Live Gold.
Definitely a next gen system philosophy with slick, fast User Interface, voice and gesture commands and seamless integration of all sofa-based entertainment. Fast switching, multi-tasking, snap mode has a thousand possibilities.
Skype for video call.
Large cloud advantage to 300,000 servers. Whereas Sony only has 30,000.
As much extra storage as you want through external storage.
Games launched instantly without disc switching.
Controller is a lot better than the crappy 360 ones. Great grip, overhauled D-pad, has a "surround rumble" and everything about it is revamped.
I read this somewhere, so this may or may not be true:
To fix the backwards compatibility issue, they allowed HDMI ports for anything, so you can play PC games on this. Even PS4 games can be played on it, as long as both are connected to each other.

Cons -
24 hour check for internet connection. (Good thing it's been removed)
Huge size for a console.
Weaker than the PS4.
$100 more expensive
Used game restrictions. Once a game has been installed to an Xbox One, you cannot install it on another.
You can only stick to 500 Gb of internal memory.
Need Xbox Gold Membership for Netflix. Which is 64.99 per year.
Need to pay for online.

Comments: It's actually better in the long run. Can store more items, etc. And also, they have much better games. Truly lives up to its name of "Next Gen."

Overall: They're both pretty equal, actually. And since games now-a-days for consoles would install over 30gb each, there'd only be around 15-20 games at a time, unless you have external hard drives or a better internal hard drive. Worst thing is: No backwards compatibility, meaning games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 won't work on them.

Starting prices:
$399.99 for the PS4 + 49.99 for the Playstation Plus (optional) membership for a year.
$499.99 for the Xbox One + 64.99 for the Xbox Gold Membership (required for online play).

PS: This is my first err.... let's call this a review. Hope you guys find it helpful.

Guitars, guitars, guitars! First of several blogs

French_Fry Blog

Deep Purple - Smoke in the Water

Anyways, I'm thinking of doing some blogs. I don't know exactly what about, but for now, let's start with what I'll probably write. 'tis my first one.

Guitar reviews, game reviews, etc.
Well put.
Anyways (I love saying anyways), we'd best get started with what kind of songs I play.

I play any and all genres, but I mostly play rock. When I get my Hollow Body Gibson/Ibanez/PRS, I'll start working on Jazz and Blues.

List of guitars that I want:

Crystalrocked.com 'nough said

Musiciansfriend.com 'nough said. If I got this, I'd name it Lucario.

Img.photobucket.com This beautiful Ibanez right here.

For my first blog, you get three wishes. And by wishes I mean things I wanna get. Today, they're guitars. The rest of my wishlist will only have one item.

List of guitars:

Fender Squire - Given to me by my uncle when he found out I was learning how to play a guitar. Has been in my possession since then (2 years ago). When I'm too lazy to get my other guitar, I use this instead. Mostly for practice though.

An Acoustic Epiphone (not sure on the model) - Was given to my brother from my uncle, but he never used it so I claimed it mine. We've had it since it was given to him (5 years ago). Yet it still sounds nice, problem is, I had lost the pegs for it 5 months ago. Haven't played it since.

An Acoustic-Electric Ibanez (Sage SGE220) - My first ever official guitar as I bought it myself after my dad gave me $300 when I went to Guitar Center. I tried out several guitars ranging from Fenders to Taylors. Gibsons to Ibanez. I ultimately chose this one because of its color and the way the fretboard felt. It is a truly great guitar for which I got at the price of $285, which also included the case. It's orange sunburst and looks sexy. It still has no name, so please, comment below about what it should be.

An Ibanez JS100 - My second guitar. I went to Guitar Center everyday for a week looking for a good guitar. This time, my budget was $800. Throughout the week, I saw and used beauties such as the Gibson Les Paul Jr, Gibson Explorer, and the Ibanez Jem 555. In one of the stores, I saw a room with 7 outstanding beauties. Three of them I didn't recognize, but they were PRS, Jackson, and I believe the other one was another PRS. These ones though, are what I remembered: Gibson Les Paul 60s Tribute, Fender Jagstang, and two beauties that really amazed me. A Black Beauty with a Bigsby setup. I've played my friend's, but it was an Epiphone, not the Gibson I saw there. And finally... an Ibanez Jem 7v7. Truly. A. Piece. Of. Art. Just plain amazing. I asked if I could play it... they laughed at me... so I just went on to the guitar section and started playing Snow on one of the Telecasters, they looked at me, but then I messed up at a note and they just continued working. So after a week's worth of exploration, I couldn't find a good one. I looked online and looked up guitarists such as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, both recommended to me by a friend. I don't listen to either one, but I love their guitars. I saw the JS1000, a bit too expensive. Removed a zero and found a JS100 at the price of $400 online. I took the chance. Bam! I fell in love when I saw it waiting by the front door next to the mail(wo)man. She had me sign it and I brought it inside. For a whole week, I did nothing but jam by my computer, learning songs as I go.

Also, I own a Marshall Amp. It's got great qualities, but I have no idea exactly which Marshall Amp it is.

That's all for now. Next one will probably be just about who exactly I am.

Also, recommend a song for me to learn down there. And I may record myself (if mic sounds good) and I'll play it. But only the main riff(s) :3

See 'ya!

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