Freedom Faction Productions is a small indie team out of Southern California that focuses on the shooter genre using the Unreal Engine. Our team is comprised of several generations(2009-2012) of members of a high school game development class that decided to continue the tradition as friends. We are currently working on our first game and hope to have a demo ready by the end of this summer.

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Its such a game trying to juggle social media and an actual production. We keep trying to assign someone to actually be in charge of updating everything. But anytime we tell someone its their job, they invariably get wrapped up in school, or family, or putting a level together. It kind of helps that tumblr automatically updates our news on our webpage, facebook automatically updates twitter, and if we could figure out how to make twitter update this, that would be amazing. Still, we have a fairly small team and a fairly busy team. So I figure since I'm trying to update all of the media stuff (not content wise, but technical wise) I might as well add some content.

So what's up with us? We basically have the first level done. Yay! Now to get to the really complicated stuff. Like modeling characters and coding a weapon system. Is it weird I don't feel like going into details? We're not using the UTGame base, but the UDKGame base, which means its slightly more complicated for us to code all the things needed for a first person shooter, but it also means less modifying existing code to suit our needs.

Well that's basically what's going on with the game. I'll try to get someone to actually update this regularly. Even if all it says is hi, we're still trying to figure out how to program things.


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