I am a co-founder of Phoenix Labs the home of PeerGuardian 2 and a Copyright Infringement Specialist.

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kind of back from the dead! As most might not know i've had cancer, and still going through tests and dealing with that ATM. I hope some of you haven't given up on me yet. I hope to be back soon and start developing again. if you wish please follow me and ill try to send you updates.

your friend fox

death will never have me

foxatphoenixlabs Blog

As most of you have known I have been very sick and thank you for your emails and PM's. I am recovering from certain sickness and will be back soon. I will not accept any projects until my health gets better. you are more than welcome to ask. my first objective is to get better and start living life.

I will be active hopefully with in 1 week.

many thanks to my supporters and followers/watchers.



foxatphoenixlabs Blog 3 comments

Ive been sick for some time now and have had surgery a few times and now getting better and have some time to work on some projects, to all my fans and co-members things will get better when Im back on my feet. wish me luck.

If you want please send me get well words of encouragement and if you have any suggestions for me and ill try to welcome them. please send me a PM if you got any conserns regarding any projects ive been working on. If you sent me angry PM of why Ive been AWOL. ill reply soon.


I've been away for some time

foxatphoenixlabs Blog

My wife has been sick and she is getting tested and I've been dealing with this and have been absent for some time. so many appoligies to my supporters and worshipers. J/K about the worshipers. but would be cool. I am back and can spend some time on MODdb.

Please don't forget to show your support and select on my "Watch Member | Track This Member" button.

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The Sewer Mod

foxatphoenixlabs Blog 2 comments

hey all, fox here. I want to let you all know about a mod I am assisting in with website development and plot ideas. It has potential and I want all of you to check it out and show your support. you can view the mod here Moddb.com

I hope you all enjoy it and watch the progress.


P.S.-- Please show your support for myself and say something on my blog below and click on the "Member Watch Track This Member" under my profile tab.

new mod ideas

foxatphoenixlabs Blog 1 comment

I am looking for ideas for a new mod and also looking for people interested in making a really good mod. Let me know if you are interested in making something. I have the means of hosting servers that are fast and resources for many things. I want to make a united mod for a mod community and something that can unite many modders and there is no limit to how many modders can be in this project.


I'm Back

foxatphoenixlabs Blog

I've been away for some time now and now that i'm back you'll see more from me. I'll kep you posted and can't wait to let some of you know that I have some new ideas and plans for moddb. if you have any comments please let me know. Time to go and turn down my a/c. God this sucks it is like 67 degrees in my condo and 88 outside.


New and upcoming mod

foxatphoenixlabs Blog

If you're a Star Wars nut or just a fan, check out this new mod created by KnighT972 . i will be downloading this mod when it is completed. check it out here.




When I support mods i like...

foxatphoenixlabs Blog

When I support mods i like... i really support them, ill host a website for them.

here are some websites i support right now.

Reality Decay -- Realitydecay.com

Starwars Chronicles -- Swchroniclesmod.com

and more to come.


fox lowe

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