Just trying to make some small games :P

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Hello people! Welcome to my page I guess. I have been interesting in game development since I was a little boy. My father always told me that playing games wouldn't put bread on the table, but then again, he is old fashioned, and doesn't have a clue of how big the game industry is. It always remained interesting to me, however, I don't see myself doing it full-time, so I will enjoy as long as it lasts.

When I was 12 years old, my father bought me a PSP for Eid. I played games on it for a while, but I wanted more. Soon after, I discovered the PSP Homebrew scene, with many PSP Homebrew games. After a year being active in the scene, and discovering new things, a stumbled across a Homebrew created by a developer called Dark_Momo. I tried to mod the Homebrew game into what is now called Mario Kart PSP. Being 13 years old, and having bad grammar didn't help, but I somehow managed to learn more, and add mixed elements into the game.

When I was 15, I started my own site, well a "database" of all the projects I worked on. A year later, it was one of the hosts for the PSP Homebrew Game Competition 2013, alongside 2 other websites. Being able to play all these Homebrew games, and write about them was fun, and a great opportunity to show the world how cool this Homebrew scene can be.

So, I wanted to port some of my PSP project to PC and Android, which introduced me to this website, and the indie world in a whole. Not only did I discover a lot of great games to support and play, I could share my stuff with the rest of you too!

So, here I am, unfortunately busy with reality, but thankful to see all these great project. If you want to check my stuff out, you can click below, for PSP-stuff, click on the controller icon, and for my new indiegames, click the Modoka Studios logo:

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