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0 comments by FouadtjuhMaster on Jan 4th, 2013

It took some months to finally get it to work, but it finally worked!

My website is now online: Fouadtjuhmaster.eu

I will post al the latest updates of my projects, corporation and more! I hope it works well. This will also be the server of some new iOS or PSVITA apps, like I did before with a subdomain. I am so glad that this worked out well, and I hope everybody who likes my work, will join me on my site.


Report abuse Duck Hunt PSP 1.2 and gSquare 1.1 Translated online!

0 comments by FouadtjuhMaster on Dec 30th, 2012

Hey all,

I've finished Duck Hunt PSP 1.2 and it should be online any moment! This version has some cool new features, so now there is a HD version, and the previous bug is gone!

- Added new Gamemode (HD)
- Added HD gameplay (Not Full)
- Added new menu
- Fixed bug in last version

And gSquare is an awesome PSP homebrew (also works with VITA) created by Geecko and Meastnt. Geecko gave me permission to translate the game, and so I did. I Added 3 new languages:

- German (DEUTSCH)
- Spanish (ESPANOL)

Symbols like ñ or ä won't show up...

You can download them now!

Report abuse Mario Boat working with Windows 8

0 comments by FouadtjuhMaster on Dec 29th, 2012

Hey everybody,

I've bought a new PC with Windows 8, and since I don't have any other PC project (yet) I tried to test Mario Boat on Windows 8, with succes.

Below you see the Start Menu of Windows 8 with the Mario Boat icon. Still, this is my first PC project, so it's still buggy for Windows 7 and 8 users.



Report abuse Mario Kart PSP soon updated... (4.8)

0 comments by FouadtjuhMaster on Dec 29th, 2012

Hey everybody,

Since the team is currently working on a PC version of the PSP homebrew, I thought it was time to release an update. The update won't make a huge difference, but just a small update.

In the next update I thought about adding or change the one or other:

  • Change the Sonic character in to Dry Bones, Wiggler or ParaKoopa
  • Add more multiplayer maps and/or characters (currently Bowser and Mario)
  • New Main Menu
  • Remove the Mini-Game, since the mini-game is becoming a stable game itself.

And if you have any suggestions, please, let me know here on IndieDB. Or comment on one of my YouTube videos, or mail me.Thanks,Fouad

Report abuse Mario Boat for NDS & Linux coming soon...

2 comments by FouadtjuhMaster on Dec 24th, 2012

Mario Boat DS

Just to let know that Mario Boat DS will get a (more) stable update soon, which allows to play Mario Boat on the DS more smoothly. Since the previous version didn't work on the DSi & 3DS, is the fault of the file I uploaded on my site.

Since Mario Boat DS might require the TouchScreen for movement, it can be a very good DS homebrew, since most of the DS homebrews only uses the D-Pad and Action Buttons.

Also there will be a Linux version in the next update, since only PSP and Windows are supporters, people asked me to port the newer versions for Linux.

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