I am a source (mainly Portal 2) mapper who is awesome. Its true.

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I come on less now. perhaps the initial appeal of moddb is starting to fade. But i havent abandoned it completely.
Im going to look up what an instagib is, because apparently i am one. Ah well.
Instagib : Instagib is a gametype in many first-person shooter games where a single shot can instantly kill an opponent from any range.

I wonder if you can enable that in TF2?

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425% is the level Ive reached. Which gives me absolutely NO rewards. Except a bigger number. Yay?

Annnnyway, aparrt from that, I am now part of the Portal ReVoLuTiOn team! Which is great. And I have a cool looking avatar/header! It makes me smile :D And I can play co-op now! On portal 2!

Life is looking up! Yayyyy...

Who I am

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I am a mapper for portal 2, and a possible member of the portal: revolution mod.
I am a portal 2 addict.
I want cake.
I am awesome.

Im going to be posting a map I made for portal 2 soon, so you can see how extremely awesome I am. Sort of. Awesomer...Than some people. Like...My brother. Yeah.

Also, I am also a portal 2 addict. Ive beaten it FIVE TIMES. But I CANT PLAY CO-OP MODE because my internet is screwy. Which makes me sad.

I want cake because cake is cool. I did some research and the cake at the end of portal is called Black Forrest cake or something. Which sounds like Black Mesa. Ha. Ha.

I am awesome because I am.

There. See. That was easy.

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