Well hello! Thanks for taking the time to view this, either you are interested in what I do or you are really bored. I have messed around in editors in many engines. I hope you will try some of my future, upcoming and released maps and give some feedback as to what I can change as every persons input is important to me. Feedback is appreciated both good and bad, feel free to message me.

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Hey Guys,

Work on map is going ok, if we get permission from the author of the cliffside map then we can go ahead as we cannot do much without his tropical models of trees and buildings.

For me at the moment its 12:55am and I am sitting here procrastinating when I should be doing an essay, its not that long to be honest! only 800 words but I am just so damn bored, the same day I jsut came back from a geography trip up to the Kaipra harbor up north of my school near KauKoppaKoppa (lol at the 3 K's). We were wading around streams doing measurements for our A levels in field work.

It was pretty cool, I saw an eel and a couple of fish bit my toes, then some dick in our group (all boys school) decided it would be funny if he went and had a leak upstream :/ I am just happy I wasn't in the water then otherwise that would have been gross!

Anyhoe, I had better Finnish procrastinating (I have written more in this than in my essay atm :P)and try and get it done before the break of dawn, so far the only casualties is one cockroach which I sprayed with flyspary.. may his soul rest in peace :)

Oh, adn if anyone is curious I am doing 'Songs of Our Selves" and the question is:
“Discuss the ways in which the author’s present child family relationships”
yea yea its really easy but I am to tired and bored to start :DDD

Have fun not doing an essay at this moment, cause I am and its boring as... i don't think I can say that on here,


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