Well hello! Thanks for taking the time to view this, either you are interested in what I do or you are really bored. I have messed around in editors in many engines. I hope you will try some of my future, upcoming and released maps and give some feedback as to what I can change as every persons input is important to me. Feedback is appreciated both good and bad, feel free to message me.

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Hey Guys,

Just an update! Height maps and terrain are finished so now I am adding roads, buildings, vehicles, deployment zones and random clutter to the area.

The real area of battle is pretty flat so just for balance I added some small hills and slopes for cover, there are not many buildings as it is quite a small settlement but there is one operational farm and one rundown ruin of a farm :).

Armor and Support should dominate this level unless they don't co-operate in which case they will get annihilated by air. Infantry if organised can rush the command points pretty fast in this map and secure the map for the rest of their team so it really depends on how the team works together!

'Goose Green' - The Falklands War should be ready either later today or tomorrow!

Get ready for combat!!! :D


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