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0 comments by fizy45 on Aug 9th, 2010

At the year of 2020 two nations in crisis... Turkey and Greece go war aganist each other for being the master of Aeagen sea...

This mod includes both sides Greece and Turkish armed forces(except naval units) both country will have strong points and weakness gameplay will be balanced...

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0 comments by fizy45 on Feb 2nd, 2008

Ottoman Rise Mod Page is opened

New pics added.

Mission 1 added to downloads.

Please visit my ModDb page.

About My Mod

Ottoman Rise Mod.

This campaing mod has
made by Bs Game Studio lets you play the early Ottoman wars which you never
play before.In the games you always see Turks with massive armys with brave
jannisserys or cavalrys.But what happened before them.How was the Ottoman
Empire look like at 13.Century.With this campaing you can play the first years
of Empire and fight aganist Mongol invaders and Byzantines.If you want to build
Ottoman Empire again learn its history and feel its power of jannisserys or the
bombard cannons.We recommend you to play it.

About Our Team

We are a team from Turkey that works in gaming community.When we
started our group we first made some translations to our language and
after we began modding.Actuallay we our aim is to create 3d games but
first we are training with Mods.

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