Greetings! I'm Sam a Thai gamer, and indie game programmer using Esenthel Engine. I'm currently develop a game, but I'm solo right now, so it's gonna take a while for public show. English is my second language. Plain bad for grammar. I usually stay online while doing game development stuff, or play games. Game Taste I like RPG, JRPG mostly and prefer non-human character as ally or playable will do. Action come close. Stretegy if it's hybrid game. Shmup just plain fun. No-no on most casual game (ew, Facebook). I mostly play single player game, co-op sometimes, least on competitive. About Me A solo indie game development and gamer named Sam with fiction name as Krysle and Fiyerite. As for one who can't draw, so no concept art and ended up writing and programming instead. "There's no chosen one, only one chosen to be." A motto I made up, might duplicate though. Steam: Krysle Quinsen Origin:SamNainocard

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KrysleQuinsen Jul 12 2014 says:

I'm using Esenthel Engine and it's very flexible on what you can do.

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KrysleQuinsen Aug 15 2013 says:

I was once planned about open-world, but due to my experience, time, university and working solo, I have scrap a lot of things for next game, perhaps sequence.
Still, some game features didn't put into description yet, I'll try to update once I finish network.

About menu background, I set camera and particle source in the menu, then render them.

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KrysleQuinsen May 27 2013 says:

It isn't set, only maximum range, you can adjust the depth if target is too close, or use it mid-air.

Sorry, I didn't notice the new comment. (maybe I should learn how to use this website more)

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KrysleQuinsen Jun 6 2012 says:

It's offline game with LAN, thanks for point that out, so I'll fix description.

About demo, it would takes a while as there's something must be done like better AI, and selectable equipment (currently predefined).

Thank you for comment.

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KrysleQuinsen Jan 28 2012 says:

Looks cool, I'll look forward for the boss-dish fight.

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KrysleQuinsen Sep 23 2011 says:

If it's hack and slash action-RPG that used both keyboard and mouse (or joystick) with jump and stuff then 3rd for sure. (Kingdom Heart, anyone?)

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