Though I am a 'retired' modder, cause you never can truly retire, I still haven't lost the spirit. My passion for tweaking things to my liking has now not only encompassed the games I play, but to my real world as well. I don't engage in any more major personal game projects, but I'd be happy to lend my expertise or advice to anyone who simply asks.

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Day 9

Firefang14 Blog 1 comment

I have reached day 9, alive in fact, of my perilous quest through the depth of this website called moddb. The forests, humid. The food, scarce. The feeling, hunted. I don't know how much longer I can last playing this game. Several fellow prey have already been killed by our hunter. I feel it is only a matter of time till I myself stare down the barrel of death. Or succumb to the temptation of insanity due to lack of hygiene and this weird purple flower I see everywhere. It looks really cute actually. I might just touch it- OH MY GOD! It just tried to eat my hand. After five minutes of beating it with a stick I have resolved to never touch weird purple flowers again. I hear the sound of footsteps, I will write again. He won't get me just yet.

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