Hi, I'm Rob and I'm currently studying for a Degree in Computer Games Programming at Derby University in the United Kingdom. I am a gamer and a modder I enjoy playing and changing games I enjoy pretty much everything to do with games.

So there we have it, I'm me and I plan to one day release a project, I enjoy Photoshop & Basic Web Editing and just designing and creating anything myself provides me with enjoyment.

Hogo AKA Feyder

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Feyder Blog

Hello and welcome to my very first blog post,

I plan to talk about what I want to do for my
future career and my modding career. The two are linked as I started modding
Red Alert 2 : Yuri's Revenge in 2007 and it provides me hours and hours of
enjoyment and this is how I come to the conclusion that I wanted to be a game

I have always enjoyed coding Websites and Games
and changing things making them act how I want them to act making things for
people to use and enjoy, I also want to bring game balance into the projects I
work on mainly the Command & Conquer Games making them how I would have
liked to see them and how I feel they should have been had they not been rushed
out the door because of Electronic Arts.

I enjoy involvement with the community and like
acting as a manager for my own projects working when I feel comfortable and
meeting deadlines when required, becoming a games programming will only
increase my standars and my time keeping and I can't wait to finally have some
work to show for people to provide feedback so I can work on things people
really want to see.

I have just finished my first Year at University
and I can't wait to start working on XNA projects and getting more indepth with
C++ and C#.

Well this was my first blog with this profile and
I can't wait to get started, I hope to see you all on the battlefield.

Feyder AKA Hogo

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