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FawltyGamer Jun 5 2013 says:

Hi guys,

This game is pretty unique in its own way, the story is interesting, the atmosphere is great and the music just sets that atmosphere perfectly.

While I enjoyed the game for the most part, the ghosts need some work, they can be creepy when moving quick to the naked eye, but once they stop and you get a good look at them you quickly come to realize they can be so much more.

I hope you guys keep polishing up the game because if some polish this game has the potential to be right up there with the scariest games on market. Here is my Let's Play

Regardless, this was a fresh new idea that we all needed to see, polish it up and keep at it guys, great game, I'm looking forward to your future projects.

Thanks for the good time!

Fawlty Gamer

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FawltyGamer Apr 25 2013 says:

Hello Community!

I just finished the game, it was a nice fresh indie horror game that gave me chills I haven't felt since the first time I played a Slenderman game. Very beautiful, as usual with Unity Engine games that have effort put into them. The atmosphere was spot on and it was the perfect length. (Here is Part 1 of my play through.

Looking forward to another title from you guys!

Thanks for a good time.


+1 vote   game: Ildefonse
FawltyGamer Apr 16 2013 says:

First of all, I give you props for making this, while its not amazing by any means, I am aware of how difficult and time consuming making a game alone can be.

I downloaded and played the game, it was ok, lots of bugs with slendy though, he's not aggressive enough, and at one point in my video he was just flying over me while I was staring at him haha.

Check out my Let's Play here --->

Needs some polish! Keep at it! =)


+1 vote   game: Slender Man - Downpour
FawltyGamer Apr 3 2013 says:

Hey guys, just wanted to say job well done on the game. It was everything I wanted and them some. I finally finished it for myself once the patch came out, please check out my video's.

Thanks you for a great time! I'll be looking forward to your next game, you can count on that!

+1 vote   game: Slender: The Arrival
FawltyGamer Mar 27 2013 says:

Game is awesome!! check out my first video of The Arrival!

0 votes   game: Slender: The Arrival
FawltyGamer Mar 18 2013 says:

Wow! This game was great! Survival Horror as much as it was psychological. Probably one of the scariest games I've played in a long time, great concept, very original!

My only complaint was those damned drawers! AGH! :@

You guys did an outstanding job, I hope you have something else for us in the future, you guys clearly put alot of effort in your game.

I did a Let's play hope you guys check it out!

Thanks for a good time and scare!


+2 votes   game: One Late Night
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