Excamedia makes retro-difficulty games for Multi-platform. follow us at www.twitter.com/excamedia We <3 feedback!

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We decided to stop working on the old build, coding, animations and models. Too many problems with the old build. Quite a big decision after 12+ months of working on it. We've started over and we've more than 2 minutes of gameplay. With dummies of course and not much feel/gameplay/storyline. The team has expanded with a couple of professional guys and we have more interns starting in the new academic year. Also Robert will be interviewing 2 marketing interns for a 5 month period. Overall we'll be 15+ people strong. Also we're going to a bigger office 119 m^2 in the dutch game garden.

A lot will be coming in Q3 and Q4:

  1. We're going towards the Epicon (10k+), Firstlook (130k+), gamescom (340k+) and Tokyo games show (220K+ visitors).
  2. We're going to do a Kickstarter
  3. We're going to create a forum
  4. We're going on Steam/Greenlight.
  5. More twitching our game development
  6. More interaction with youtubers
  7. More screenshots and test builds!

Besides this project 111 still continues, creating the contact list of influential gamers.

If you want to be part of the clumsy club, sign up for our newsletter (1x per month): Excamedia.nl

the story

the story

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