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ERR:OverFlow @ Mods of 2006 - Player's Choice

I'm confused. Isn't there also a 'best standalone game' category?

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ERR:OverFlow @ *UPDATE* Mod of the Year 2006 Winners

oh boy 23 minutes now.... <_<

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ERR:OverFlow @ Tremulous

The textures that Tremulous uses (mostly Evillairs Evil sets (mostly 6 and 8) and Shaderlabs Majestic set) were not made by the NS team... they are, in fact, (gasp) public domain.

If you think Tremulous is copying the 'game world' of NS, read the rest of the posts here, and search the NS forums for 'tremulous'. There have been a number of threads bringing this point up over and over, some even thinking that legal action should be taken. Of course almost all of these threads have been locked...

I'm getting rather tired of Tremulous being branded as a rip-off, and that the years and years of work should be put to a stop whenever it tries to get some publicity. Tremulous began work before Natural Selection was popular, or even anywhere near a releasable state. The first time the team had even heard of it was when one of those previously mentioned threads was started.

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ERR:OverFlow @ Tremulous

Having played both the Tremulous public beta extensively and Natural Selection for a week or so, I can say that they are different. The only reason for the maps looking the same (which I dont agree with at all) is that they share some of the same textures. And what do you mean by style? futuristic?

Personally, I think you should play the game before making judgments like that. The basic gameplay elements are similar, I agree, but to say that Tremulous will fail because Natural Selection is similar and has more players is just wrong.

Did games fail when they added deathmatch online play when quake1 was so popular? Were they called rip-offs?

Why did Natural Selection get so popular? They 'ripped-off' Gloom. Your list of similarities match that of Gloom, maybe not the maps, but again I'm really not seeing the maps as being the same anyways...

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