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Erikwa3290 @ sweetfxmod

yeah, installed it ..then had to almost immediately remove it after it made my load screens brighter than the sun and my world map resemble a poorly cellshaded picaso, or the way an old win 95 game looks moments before a video card failure. Either way, made all but one of my mods look baddddd. ( and yes I tested it under nearly every setting in both dx 9 and 7 ).
mods tested with
Europe 1200
Romae Bellum
16th century
swoard of damocles ( really doesnt need this add-on to begin with )
various Diplomacy mishmashes.
and Native (duh).
as a final note, while this pack doesnt affect FPS from what I could tell, it does add some serious load time to textures, so big mods will take FOREVER to load with this added.
Id recomend waiting on this one.

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Erikwa3290 @ DarthMod Ultimate Commander 6.0

id name the file in question if I could actually see the loading screen before it blanked out FYI

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Erikwa3290 @ DarthMod Ultimate Commander 6.0

yeah wont install past 92%, just freezes on the same file over and over during extraction

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Erikwa3290 @ DANMAN3712

hey o, loaded the 2.1 version and it crashes if you try to play it at all. thinking this might be a windows 7 issue ( a-ha-ha ).
if not, it would be nice to know why I traded mini dumps in the last version for all out crashes in this one
can't wait for the entrenchment version! love your work

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Erikwa3290 @ Tiberium Essence

ok I've played this mod before but i've recently switched to windows 7 and despite creating a MODS folder and extracting the files ( Ive tried every version so far )the mod still will not show up in the game browser ( obviously its patched to 1.9 since I have the browser )and at this point im just confused.
any help?

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Erikwa3290 @ MerlinGalgotta

hey, I just downloaded your mod and have to say I love it so far!
As a small time modder ( older games mostly ) seeing such detialed work makes me proud to be a PC gamer.
But I am having a problem though, in the forum you said that you have to capture the 3 planets in GC to build asgard shipyards. well, i did, and they are still greyed out. I can't read german so there may be something I'm missing. any ideas? I started at tech lvl 5 since I couldn't figure out how to make NID agents and I wouldn't mind beating GC with more than just 302's, 3's , and 4's ( the NID problem would be nice to answer now that I think about it )

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