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Ok, so now its out!

It was a massive effort from all the team getting this game out the door. I don't know if you know it but we have a very small core team. 11 FTE's that's it. And we have done what many thought would be impossible release a PC RTS that had a Co-Op campaign, Single player and multi player. The road ahead is long and twisting with many stones in the path but on a trail of dead bodies dag nabit we will get there.

I'm going to use MOD DB as more of a Blog about us and the community, we do have a blog on our websites. But so far my MOD DB experience has been great. We have had engagement with players or potential players pretty nice reviews and discussions.

We also have a Frozen Hearth Community forum, where general community posts can be made. But here the posts about MOD's will be made and from the pirate crash reports we get people are already trying to mod the game to localize it in their languages. If you have a mod, please share it with us so everyone who bought the game can benefit.

Now where are these elusive mod docs? well not till we get to them but I can tell you we have a surprise at Christmas time that will get you started, there will be more on that later next week.

Thanks MoD DB and glad to be here and on Desura!

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