I like to play and mod Battlefield 2. Steam- empireman671

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Project Reality: Battlefield 2

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Allied Intent Xtended

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This is the best Single player mod for Battlefield 2! There is so much weapons, maps and vehicles! There also a lot of epic add ons. I had about 175+ maps to play.

This mod will give a awesome single player experience.


Forgotten Hope

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This Mod is one of the best Gaming experiences ive had.

I remember buying Battlefield 1942 on sale a while back. It was great fun. I read somewhere on the internet about mods (this when I didnt know what mods where and did not play much PC games.) I was curious what they were, so I just googled it. This site what the first to come up so I looked at all the mods. Forgotten Hope looked very good so I downloaded and give it a try. It was so much fun that I stopped playing Xbox and other consoles and I was playing this mod so much. So much content from vehicles to maps and factions. The realism was good to, I loved driving Tiger II destroying American armor with out a scratch.

After 100s of hours of playing this, I stopped playing consoles completely and I decided to buy a gaming computer. So because of this mod, I got into PC gaming, Battlefield Games, and Modding.

Though, after upgrading my PC, I couldnt get this to work on windows 7.
But, at least I had lots of fun memories from this great mod.

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