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0 comments by emoruffino on Jun 10th, 2008

Hey all!

It has been since February, but i think i have finally decided on the next mod im going to be making. The only problem im having is deciding if i want to make it with the Unreal Engine 3 or the Crysis Engine.

After i see the positives and negatives of both ill make sure to post my thoughts and what i may or may not want to do.

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0 comments by emoruffino on Feb 23rd, 2008

Im finally back. My old handle was CoLoR HiM and decided to start a new account to start fresh. I was the the maker of the mod TopicX which never saw the light of day. (sadly) What happened was i was finishing work on the BETA when my pc crashed on me. When i rebooted my hard drive was corrupt which meant i had lost all of my work. Now i have a kick ass new PC with a nice 8600GT and im ready to start work on some new mods. I know its been more then a year, but im ready and willing.

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