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Cave Story+

Game review

THE CORE: Reloaded

Mod review

I enjoyed the gameplay. The first chamber was really tricky to figure out and that level of difficulty didn't drop. The mod adds another layer of confusion atop of what was already there with portal. I would've liked to see more gravity-defying rooms like in the floor of the first chamber - they are mind bending.

Overall: 8/10. It's pretty well polished and is a good challenge to those who think with portals.


Commander Keen

Game review - 2 agree

One of my very first computer games. I have very fond childhood memories of Commander Keen. I am still hopeful for the completion of the series - if only id Software could find it in their hearts to give Tom Hall the IP rights to the game. The universe will be a much toastier place to be on the day Tom can start making us more Keen.



Super Crate Box

Game review

Project Reality: Battlefield 2

Mod review - 2 agree

This mod truly pushes the Battlefield 2 engine to it's limits. It is technical and highly involved. All of the players are friendly while being involved and serious about gameplay. If you enjoy a game that focuses very heavily on teamwork and realism - go get yourself a copy of BF2 for 9.95AUD and download this mod. Once you grasp the basics, it's an experience like no other.