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DSalary9487 Jun 2 2011, 1:21am says:

Good to hear man ill keep playing the game whenever I get free time and give you guys feedback. Good to see some very promising indie games coming up. Do you guys have any idea when the fix for the ground texture will be coming?

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DSalary9487 Jun 1 2011, 11:02am says:

Also I toggled on shader complexity and I was getting bright red all over my screen. I believe that Its coming from the particle effects scattered around the environment. I also notice that your cover button isnt tied to any cover nodes as well I can take cover anywhere in the world. I am happy that the recoil tied to the main assault rifle has been dumbed down. I think that its getting there. Im also liking the player model and the rifle and the scope is also awesome too :D. In Act 3 I was totally lost after the the first wave of terminators. Im happy to see that your game is moving along well. Ive been working in Unreal for over 5 years and Im very impressed with your project keep it up guys.

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DSalary9487 Jun 1 2011, 10:38am says:

Hey man ive been a huge fan of FPS and ive been following your videos and updates. I was excited to see that you guys reached Alpha :D so congrats on that... I download the latest and Ive read thru the commets I understand about the terrain missing textures. Do you guys maybe have 1 to many textures on the terrain mesh? Also does the first level consist of 1 constant terrain or are their multiple? Also a little positive criticism the pacing in the first level is going in a good direction just the helicopter dude was very tough to beat. Also the tought robot dudes were tough also. I would suggest more cover and maybe provide an alternate route that leads to a higher vantage point. Also I found myself getting caught on static meshes thru out the first level.

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