Heya, while visiting my profile feel free to give me your opinions of my 3D-projects I make as my hobby. I'm a huge fan of sci-fi and Fantasy stories so of course my models are focused within those categories. if theres something you wish to add for my unit list, I'm all ears :) For the script list, check my blogs. Enjoy your visit ;)

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2 comments by Drogoth on Jun 21st, 2012

Sci-Fi Section - Universal Conflicts

Content: Multiple Alien races, Futuristic warfare, spaceships, Mecha etc.

Here's the list of my races and their units, which will be updated time to time.
And feel free to give some of your own ideas for new models.

Coming up next:

  1. Revamp of the oldest Grogan models
  2. Grogan Terralisk

color of text defines the progress of the model.
- model ready.
- may need some small specific details done.
purple - model in progress.
- not started.

Ferocious, sinister creatures that feels no remorse and evolves in a suitable way to counter their enemies. Groganians are like a pestilence to all living creatures within galaxies. They invade planets and start devouring any sort of life-forms they encounter.


Ravager class: Infantry Killer, cannon fodder & light support

Tormentor class: Support, Harrasment and Assault

Stampede class: Heavy Support & Heavy Armored Base-/Tank Destroyers

Champion class: Leaders & Colossal Devastations

  • Grogan Broodlord(s)
  • Praetorian
  • Queen
  • Kraken
  • Colossal Wurm
  • Behemoth

Technologically superior race with psychic abilities that watches over the order of different planets and purges any "unclean" influence and any other that Wraiths sees as possible threat for their operations within the galaxy.




Infantry Weaponry:

Cypernoids: A.I controlled vehicles and drones

  • Harbinger


  • Revenant

DMOR (Destiny Marines Of Republic)

Year 3872, mankind's united military force for rescue and assault operations. They are most used in clearing planets from any threat, so civilians could be settled in safely. DMOR was organized when mankind barely managed to escape from the Groganian invasion on Earth.



  • Wolf
  • Fate


A.F.M - Assault Frontier Mechs:

  • Jaquar, has various subclasses, each with it's own different weapon system
    * Shredder Jaquar
    * Shock Jaquar
    * Hell Jaquar
  • Desrudo

D.V.F - Destiny Vanguard Fighter:

Medieval Fantasy section
Contents: Griffins, Dragons, Orcs, Mages, Catapults & other medieval warfare

This will be my next list where I'm going to add fantasy based creatures such as goblins, dragons etc.
But these gonna be less focused on than my main project "Universe In Conflict" that is based on futuristic warfare and alien exoskeletons.

Coming up next:









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0 comments by Drogoth on May 10th, 2012

Wraith VS GroganYo everybody, I'm thinking of making a new project once again, and would like to hear some ideas from other people any sort of ideas that could relate with these 2 factions I'm creating.

Both alien races and differences are:

[right] Groganian: ferocious & sinister creatures (Tyranid, zerg type)

[left] Space Wraith: technologically highly advanced warriors purging the unclean (Protoss type)

to check their type properly check my gallery :)

So post up and say whatever would come to mind, some specific details and such. Then with those ideas I'll be making more units for both factions then theres bigger possibility to turn them inside the RTS game I'm planning to make someday in the future :D

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0 comments by Drogoth on May 8th, 2012

Some new 3D creations that might be used for future animation/game plans and might as well want to hear opinions of my audience and give entertaining ideas what to make etc. come visit my profile and check em out whenever you like ;)
(althought, not a too sure whether can I get these into action or not :P)

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