Im a 16 year old boy hopeing to develope games and mods. i am currently working on a 2D MMORPG in space. Named Suns Of Orion.

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We are have problem in the role-play world
its all about scripts nowadays its not about creative and what you could do?,
why do we need a script to set our job?
why do we need a script to Tell us what to do?
I only see the need for a money,bank and a inventory script,
nothing more.. thats how you make the role play fun!,
when the user actually get to chose what to do no boundiers "YOUR XP IS TO LOW THEREFOR YOU CANNOT BE A DOCTOR".

I remember good old TSRP and Hl2DM! that was fun,
now i am sitting here trying to find a decent RP sever for SAMP.
as i used to rp on vice city on the Ankeborg sever,
that was a great sever not so damn script dependent and annoying just what was needed and nothing more and a great community! it was so dammed fun... when looking trough the SAMP RP severs i just found annoying severs i was forced into roles their was no free gameplay and it was all about yourself and finding a gang to join was impossible if you haven't signed up on their forums and posted a few thousand posts and no one seemed interested to help newbies and the script is overly complex but the help file is as limited as the creators brain.

Therefor i hereby shun SAMP Role-Play
Please provide CC..

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