My name is Avery Fisk, (aka Dredile or Dredillion) I am a mapper and team lead of Half life 2 horror mod Crypt and Cult of Cthulhu, have worked in the previous mods as followed, Opposing Force 2, Guard Duty, Condition Zero Source, etc. Also doing sound design for Zombie Master 2, In Peremptorys' Shadow, and Cthulhu 2: Rise of the Yellow Sign.

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Projects I am involved in At this Time.

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Re-working some things but still in dev

Nothing more then a playtester and a side sound designer.

Cthulhu 2 : The Yellow Sign

sound designer :D

Zombie Master 2

Mapper and Sound Designer

The Intruder (Steam Greenlight)

Sound Designer :DDD Give it a vote on greenlight!

Always open to other projects and mods, contact me if you are interested in my possibly working with you :)

Projects Im Currently Involved In

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Projects Im Very Involved In


Expect alot of content of this to be coming your way in the future, development is going along nicely and my resolve has never been stronger.

Guard Duty

I can't reveal much that is happening here, but look forward to all the Blue Shift Source content coming your way in the near future. Developments is rolling like a horse and the team is very fun and kind to work with. Look forward to seeing this map of mine in media in the future :D

Projects Im involved with in some way.

Codename Jmod
Not much going on here, big media release is coming up suposedly with a trailer and example of wave defense game mode, look forward to that :D

Zombie Master
While no newer versions are being releseased ive spent my time making maps for this amazingly fun mod. DL this and find Zm_Magellan_v2 in a server cuz i made it!

Not really involved in it persay but ive made a few maps for it, i wish more people played this fun mod.

Thats all as of now peeps, stay tuned for more updates as time progresses :D

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