Hello! I am DrawwK, formerly known as DR-Jeckle.

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He is awesome

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alright everyone, this guy is a friend of mine and he is an AMAZING mapper, i dont think he is getting enough attention and respect as he should be, comment on his stuff, and credit him for his awesomeness. i hope i help him to get the credit he deserves. and so, you must do so. and also, this isnt necessary but he wants L4D2. if u got any spare money, gift it to him over steam.


Why Hadouken! is AWESOME!

DR-Jeckle Blog 2 comments

Idea For A New Wall Paper Pack

DR-Jeckle Blog 2 comments

Hey everyone, I was thinking of what i should make for my next wall paper pack, so i had an idea to make a wallpaper pack that has all of the text effects that i have made such as Inferno, Freeze, Electric, and Bling Bling. I cant have a wallpaper pack that has only 4 wallpapers so i will think of some more to make. leave a comment on whether I should make this pack or not. also comment on what text effect i should make next, i will make anything that i can that will look good.

The Intro of my mod.

DR-Jeckle Blog 2 comments

This is the Intro of the mod Night Runner. Please Give your opinions, suggestions, and Critisism!

No trust. No weapons. No hope.As a little boy you were not like the others, your muscles allowed you to jump higher, and run much faster than regular muscles. As a teen you took advantage of those abilities and used them to rob people. Over the years people have been searching for you all over New York City. You are now a grown man living on the streets hiding from everyone. Your only objective is to escape New York City without being caught. Your brother is monitoring the cameras of the city to help you escape. The only way now, is to run.

I Want To Make A Tutorial

DR-Jeckle Blog 5 comments

I want to make a tutorial but i dont have a mic to talk into. how can i make one. if any suggestions are made, then i will use that idea to make photoshoping tutorials for you guys! Since you guys like the inferno, freeze, and electric text, i will show you how to make that. please tell me how to make these tutorials without a mic.

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