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Dmytry Nov 25 2011, 7:58am replied:

hmm i'll see about allowing to specify a command for decoding the file onto stdout , and stream from that command's stdout. The good-ol unix way.
Meanwhile, you can set the input source in pulseaudio (using pavucontrol or the like) to monitor of audio out, and set the pulseaudio as sound capture device in The Polynomial . Then you can use any external music player with The Polynomial. Please buy a full version instead of always circumventing the mp3 restriction this way though :-)

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Dmytry Nov 24 2011, 4:20pm replied:

Yes, libmpg123 is only needed for your own mp3 files. Game's own music is in ogg format. Unfortunately, different mp3 decoding libraries under Linux are not compatible substitutes in the way how codecs are. Linux does everything in really many different ways. It's almost like supporting several operating systems at once.

Re: flac, I may look into adding built in flac support or supporting whatever is the most popular API that has many decoder plugins. Not sure which. There's far too many.

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Dmytry Nov 24 2011, 9:41am says:

Important notice regarding mp3 support under Linux! Sorry I did not make it clear in description.

The full version needs libmpg123 to be able to play mp3 files under Linux. mp3 is a patented format and hence I can't easily distribute the decoder myself (and neither could your distro). The Windows and OS X versions use mp3 decoder provided by the operating system, circumventing the need for licensing. Grrrr, software patents! You can get the libmpg123 in the PLF repositories (Penguin Liberation Front).

The free demo allows .ogg only.

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Dmytry Nov 22 2011, 3:48pm replied:

Ya, it has rather harsh min. specs because of the GLSL shaders... I'm not writing it for console tho, and in due time everyone's PC will be able to play it :)

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