I don't do a lot of mapping myself, but I am very involved within the modding community. I play games that have great mods, like UT3, HL2, Doom 3, and Fallout 3. I am very involved with Zombie Panic: Source. I am an admin for Sacmo's Kill House, a ZPS server with a very dedicated community (Sacmo's Kill Group or SKG) behind it. SKG also has servers for Zombie Master, Age of Chivalry, Zombie Master: Black Edition, Empires, Garry's Mod, Neotokyo, and Team Fortress 2. Through this community, I was invited to playtest for a mod called The Rising. My Steam name is also dirtylaundry022, along with my PSN user account name, dirtylaundry022. Big surprise. Feel free to add me to your friends lists, just let me know you saw me on Moddb please.


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