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stunt rally

die_z Blog

After some time playing stunt rally I think it's maybe one of the best racing games I've ever played.

You need a racing wheel with force feedback support to really enjoy this, drifting on all kinds of surface gently controlling throttle can put you in a real funny yet exciting drive!

Initial versions has some shortcomings in terms of physics simulation but since version 1.7 it's much better and while playing you can hardly feel the need for some more accurate sim. It can be hard enough as it is but does no more require you to learn the track or own a racing wheel, it can now be enjoyed by the casual gamer while still letting the enthusiast face a good challenge.

Highly recommended!


die_z Blog

I've been wanting a racing game for Linux for quite a while.. it's one of the major shortcomings when it comes to gaming, IMHO.

When I've seen CoreBreach arrive here on Desura I tried the demo, just a couple races and I was off to buy it. During the next hours I finished career mode two times (easy and medium difficulty). After that I moved to to hard and got the reeper by beating the boss on the last track. All weapons and the "cars" I like the best have been fully upgraded.

Well, it's a good game. I like it and will play it some more times, BUT:

- it's a little too easy in my opinion. I don't think I am better than the average, yet I never had to play a track a second time; always won at first try. Completing a clean race, on the contrary, is extremely difficult due to the really fast pace of the tracks, which are relatively narrow

- the audio player is very disturbing when it pops up on song change, that needs to be addressed for sure

- the worst part of the game is multi-player. CoreBreach only has split-screen multi-player support. No network. Gathering some friends and fire up a racing LAN-party is still not feasible on Linux. This makes me sad. The best part of a racing game is the competition with other humans, either online or in a LAN. Time attack and fastest world times do not look interesting to me: what I like best is human interaction. When it's human vs human, absolute time doesn't matter and the fun comes from fighting each other to cross the finish line first

trying out Xonotic

die_z Blog

It's been some days sice I started trying Xonotic out.

Very nice game indeed. Being only at v0.5 seems not a problem as playability is great.
Still have to try it in multi-player mode but the single-plays I had already tell me it's going to be fun.

As a Quake 3 CPMA fan, I thought not needing bunny hop to move fast could be a downside but it turns out the gameplay is intense and varied enough to keep the player busy having fun.
Moreover, the anti-camping feature I used to like the most in Nexuiz is still there so matches never have the change of becoming lame.

A really good start, you gotta try it out!

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