I made the Companion Mod for Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines and also wrote the VTMB Mod Developers guide.

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So I found ModDB and thought it looked like a nice place for my Mod. However...

In order to create a mod, you need images, write-ups and preferably video footage. Fine... spent a couple of days doing that. Then come to find out that to add a mod, you must select the game from a drop down list. Only VTMB wasn't in the list.

No need to fear, an email to the help guys confirmed that members are free to add games (however you must make the site look nice and professional).

So another day spent putting images together, developing a theme and banner, taking snap shots of video footage and searching the net for official files to make the area genuine. I finish the site, and I think to myself... finely, I can do what I came here to do and add my mod.

Nope. You need to specify the developer and the publisher. Activision is listed in the Publisher list, but Troika isn't listed in the developer list. (probably because they went out of business).

Refusing to build yet another free website for moddb, I elect to specify Activision as both the Developer and Publisher. I should note that Admins later changed developer to N/A. I don't know if this option was actually available from the get go, but when forms have * next to a combo box, I feel like I need to select something other than the default value. If the default value is valid, then there shouldn't be a *.

But I still wasn't finished. When you add a Mod, you need a development group with no less than 2 members. So another day brainstorming until I come up with the idea for Death Mask Productions (name of a sinister company in the VTMB game). Fans will appreciate the name and logo for the group. Still...more banners and image work.

So here I sit 3 days after I began submitting my mod to this site waiting for my group to be approved so I can finally START creating an area for my Mod. Then I think about FileFront and the fact that my mod was made available in less than 8 hours. I appreciate the exposure and resources of this site but man these guys need to remove some of the requirements for submitting mods. I had the patience to wade through all the red tape but I wonder how many mods are out there that decided it just wasn't worth it. Obviously none of the other VTMB mods are posted here.

OK... I'm done ranting.

Start a group Groups
Death Mask Productions

Death Mask Productions

5 members Developer & Publisher

Group for modders of the game Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines.


well i wasn't as patient as you, i mailed the admin constantly in the same day, he got tired and authorized my mod.

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how Are ya ?

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