a.k.a. Project Sunrise. Simple description about myself eh?
Well, here goes.

I'm just your average everyday normal guy, AND I'm for hire regarding the music composition. If you need music for your mod, I'm your man.

I'm not limited by genre, so you can request me pretty much anything you like.
If you want to check out my previous works I did for fun, look up "Project Sunrise" on YouTube or SoundCloud.

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Dex_Gallas Blog

First off, I'm new here in terms of registering, BUT, I've been visiting this site for some time now.

The second thing I want to say is that I'm REALLY impressed by the modding community. You guys do a terrific job and I'm glad people do this and ask almost nothing in return.

The third thing is related to the subject title. I'm a music composer, and I'm more than willing to help someone out by creating a few songs for a mod.
Name a genre of music, give me some details regarding the atmosphere and I'll get to work right away.

That would be all for now, and I hope I stumble upon some awesome people to talk to or work with.
My email address is on my profile.


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So how do you make you're music ?
I use FL Studio and Magix Music Maker (thats just for fun) . What about you?
Do you use a program or do you make music using real life instruments ?

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Dex_Gallas Creator

FLStudio. Been using it for years. But sometimes if I need a real life sound, I record it. Quicker than searching the web for a sample XD

Also, sorry for the very late reply, I've been really busy these several days and could barely touch my PC. I''s all cool now.

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