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Little pause.........

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Little pause....

I apologise to everybody for not having finished the little "movie" yet. This is because of more things and because the school and the driving licence began,now I finish it. I would like to do an effect on this week. There is a park on our street's other side and I would love to conjure up few Overgrowth tower. I work on this without one 2D on a game,Construct with an engine. This is independent of the rabbits but not too simple. I would like to ask your patience,I do a couple of pictures till then as soon as I will charge my end what there will be in the video.

Finally Free Time but the rabbits do not sleep anyway!

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Sorry for late the video is comming ......
.08.30 .....
Hello Overgrowth Fan!

I have enough time finally,here the summer holiday. I will deal with the videos soon what I recorded and prepare to the "Fan Trailer" and an effect video. You will see your favourite characters from the game in to the reality. It's the hardest way. I decided it to do a little one 2D game with my own style. You will see soon! Sometimes I have some good idea but i can't make them in the game becouse I don't know How should i do? This annoying small one,but I try to find everything out. I will upload a picture tomorrow about forest from a style!

See you soon or Join to the "O" FANS!

2011.06.25 Next week i will go to "HUNGARIAN OCEAN"= this name is BALATON and I very like this place becouse you can fishing and soak up sunshine and I should enumerate but I wont. So better summer to everybody than the last one and see you shortly OG-Fans!

Overgrowth in the Space ?!

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Hello Overgrowth FAN!!!

I will be enough of my time after a month. I found a very beautiful video about the Overgrowth, what few people saw yet! I would like it if you would look at it now! Here:
At now I making some simple fan video trailer about O. with extreme places and changes. On the other video you will see some character inport in the real life...itsn't easy but I think it will bee funny. In the end I thinking very hard about a 2D O" free game....
See you later!

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No free time just exams .... but

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Hello Overgrowth Fan!

I have free time hardly because of my exams recently but if I make them,I promise it then you will see a canceled work and a new idea. The developers of the game do everything as I see it the best game to the achievement of a delight,i hope so will succeed,I wait for it very much already! There starts being a spring,Easter rabbit took the road to us already though! The spring we hope for it will bring many novelties,mostly new ideas! The weather increasingly better here in Hungary and I hope for it only will be better! I looked at it it may eat it Overgrowth video and I am surprised only come on! I charged the picture of a couple of minute cacti and a couple of new pictures Overgowth into a group! If you have time and a mood look at them or

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2011.04.11-Little free time-> Big balls on the "sky"
2011.05.26 -> Some new concepts and wallpapers
Video is comming..... Overgrowth in the "reality" concept!

Chocolate rabbit and other sweets!

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Hello Overgrowth Fan!

"Chocolate rabbit"-I heard sometimes this expression but this sounds some other way in Hungarian. I don't know what this means punctually. I think this like that than the "hello".I imagined this in Overgowth.So that you will see this between my pictures nearest. I will make Autumn landscape aaaaaaaaaaaaand I will put some new swords in Overgrowth. If I have inaff time,I will show you some building where the rubbits could fighting. You will see some new plants. I like sweets,i hope so the rabbits will like it. If they don't like sweets I have something else.....you will see! Next week comming katana and sword,exe and a big labyrinth......for the rabbit! So thats it! If you like
them,not the sweets,rubbits :)

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2011.03.14 Menu

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Hello Overgrowth Fan!

Yesterday I made some new menu with some changes (pictures,cursor). You can see these on my own pictures. I did not modify the menu icons or colours.These are allright. This isn't a difficult thing but there are a couple of changes what I cannot make and I don't know why? No matter,I will! +++ :) I thinking on one more complicated changes "all in one" and make a video about these. Next days I will show you some easy changes in the game editor menu.
See you later or join the

Overgowth Fans Group! :)

2011.03.10 Effects

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Hey everyone!

I know ,how can i make some simple or difficult effects. I made some pictures about some easyone,you can see these ,i uploaded these. I start thinking about snowman with snowing..... it just a idea....rubbits like the snow? I dont know but they will! :) Its comming... (this weekend) I have some ideas about Overgrowth mod,but I won't make it,becouse these guys workink on it very hard and I can"t impairing or bothing it. Thats it. Perhabs,when it's will in the shops I will make one my Overgrowth mod.... and if you have some good ideas,you could write to my for make it. :) (sorry I'm not perfect yet in english,but if you found some mistakes ,I will correct it!)

See you later or join the

Overgowth Fans Group! :)

News 2011.03.09

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I started making my first group(Overgrowth fans) because i saw that nobody did one like this yet. After this I try make a new forum but I had some problems with it. I catch it to relieve this. If you have some ideas about forums or this game you should tell me.
Now I have some new places and ideas about characters additionals and effect's. I will paint my ideas and you will see it and you could add some comments. I would like to make a little water in this game, i working on it. You will see some finny momments from the rubbits life... :) -------->coming ,as I can work!

Me and Overgrowth

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Hello new visitor!

I started five weeks ago learning some new programms(3Ds,UDK....)and try to make some very special places. It's a hobby for my but very fantastic and difficult. I learning this language,so propebly I will have some mistakes,but I try to write the correct words.
I very like japanese motifs and I try to make some. :) I like japan world and traditions. They have some very special places and beutiful.
You can see some test screenshot and place and ideas.Thats it at now! :)
(thx wolfire) I will make some video in the right time! :) 2011

2011.03.08 "New" skins.
I will try make some white rabbit skins or black wolfs!

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