Hello I'm Wolfie I'm fun and love to laugh! i like to be kind and respect all things! i believe humans are capable of anything if they just put there mind to it ^_^ i enjoy writing dark stories but myself I'm a very light and scarily bubbly kinda guy! lol.. if you want to know more please feel free to ask i will answer if I'm able! ^_^

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Hello everyone Wolfie here… ok not like it would be anyone else hehe Nate doesn’t like making blogs.
It’s been a long time since I have had the feeling to write a blog so this should be interesting to see just how it turns out lol, let’s get the first wave over with shall we?
The weather is getting colder these days, been raining on and off hehe but that’s nothing new for this time of year now is it! But my depression does not like it one bit. I find myself thinking darker things lately but at the same time that’s normal really I just wish I still had my black book… my new one just does not feel the same.
My temper has gotten a bit shorter too and that is not a fun thing, I don’t like feeling like that it’s like a smouldering inside the soul and although sometimes it is a helpful thing I still hate it!
Been trying out new mod’s and such for homeworld 2 and they are pretty good actually I really like Complex mod they rock ^_^
Mmmm well now I don’t know the more I think on this blog the more I want to stop before I say something that might get people mad but at the same time I honestly don’t care if anyone gets mad at me. My true friends understand not to take it all to heart or at least I hope they understand this.
Sometimes I wonder why I keep moving but honestly there is no way to answer that he he so many things contribute to why I keep going on and keep pushing forward.
That little bit was stupid he he but meh, now let’s see tomorrow I’m heading to town again… I really enjoy the ride it gets me out and about and lets me think which is good sometimes hehe
I don’t know how long this blog is going to go but we will see when I stop hey hehe. I really hate listening to the news it’s always so bad, full of hate and fear and filth this is what the world is getting to just devolving into filth and crap!
ah that’s why I don’t really watch the news but sadly I can hear it since I’m sitting at my desk next to the T.V lol ITS INSAIN!!
I have lots of plans for my time in the coming months but I honestly wish I was in Canada, it really hurts to be so alone, not something I normally say so openly but it is just getting worse and worse, sometimes I think I am punishing myself but at the same time I think this is my last relationship if this one does not work out like I know it will then I will just go celibate lol or something…. And no tee I’m not going gay I like woman far too much to do that :P so shut up lol
oh I got a new camera ^_^ it’s a small one but it’s awesome I will try to take more pictures when I’m out and about and post them ^_^
I feel sorry for my mum she wants to see her grandkids so much but the family is just too set against her seeing them… I used to understand why but not anymore not after seeing my mum pull herself back together and become a better person not just for herself but for those around her, I believe living with my grandma is helping her more than anything and well its good but also so sad that people hold onto such hatred for her and not just her but me as well as though I am some kind of monster or mental person… I honestly don’t know what goes through some peoples mind. This is why I gave up them all I tried to be helpful but only got lies thrown at me so that’s it for me. Hehe
well this is looking like a nice long one hey ^_^ I like getting all this out of my mind means there is more room to fill up again :P
OK I’m going now my hand is telling me to stop typing and give it a rest lol so I will see you all around ^_^ remember to be bad and be dam good at it ^_^

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