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0 comments by Delta_6 on Jan 7th, 2012

for you who does not know G-Max and Ren-X only

G-Max and Ren-X are a Free Version of the Famous 3Ds Max, the Different is that G-Max and Ren-X have No Advanced Features

Here's are Quote From Wikipedia"""""Gmax is much more limited due to its singular intended useā€”game content
creation. Tools and features rarely used or completely unrelated to
creating 3D Game Modeling were removed (most if not all of the more complex rendering, materials,
shaders, physics simulation, and some of the more advanced geometry
tools, plus the rendering engine), leaving the core modeling, texturing,
and basic animation rigging and keyframing capabilities.""""

But G-Max and Ren-X are Still pretty good and more easy to learn and also thats why I'm Still using G-Max and Ren-X (I do have 3Ds Max)

click the link for Downloading G-Max and Ren-X
The Links G-Max and Ren-X also heres an Website to get start make model for Command And Conquer General(And ZH too) : CnC Labs and Killasmods

NOTE : If my link is sending you to a new page, just find the big "Free Download" button on that page also, if you ever need my help, just PM me right here, or message me at Facebook

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