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Part 1

I just keep remembering that day, it was the reason I’m in here.
What’s that beeping noise? Why can’t I move, why can’t I feel anything? I can see a white ceiling, and can here people talking to each other. One person turned and grabbed some sort of cutting utensil, it looked like a surgeon. I fade into a memory. I was driving in a suburban area, it was somewhat foggy, trees lined the sides of the road. The news was saying something on the radio, I can’t understand it though, I probably wasn’t listening to it. A man on a bike crossed the street, and I continued driving down the road. I fade back to reality. The beeping has sped up, the surgeon has blood splattered on his torso and face. They seem to be calm, but concerned when they talk to each other. What are they doing to me? I fade back into a memory. I’m still in the car driving. The fog seemed like smoke, a little too much like smoke. Now its smelling like smoke in the car. I approach my house, the smoke looks like it’s coming from behind the house. I park the car and run to the back of the house. A bonfire flickers in the middle of the yard, no one was watching it from what I can see. I run back in the house and up the stairs. My wife stood at the window crying and staring at the fire. I’m beginning to feel the pain of this surgery. My neck hurts the most, but my torso, legs and arms hurt as well. I would scream, but I’m paralyzed. I can hear my heart rate speeding up, now I’m panicking, my mind is racing but it’s racing around the memory of her crying at the window. I walk up to her and try to comfort her. Her eyes are dilated and opened wide, the tears pouring down her face, all she did was stare at the fire. I walked down the stairs and looked closer at the fire. Two small bodies lay in the fire, where are the kids? Shocked at my discovery, I ran back up the stairs, a chair swung at me from around the corner, a leg hit me in the neck, I fell down the stairs and landed on my face staring at the fire, broken and helpless. I attempted to move, but the pain was unbearable. Realizing why I’m here just made me want to know more. I struggled to bring back the memory after I fell down the stairs, but all I could think about is this pain. I need to get out of here, I have to know where my wife is, I have to know if she’s responsible, or someone else. I waited through the surgery, feeling everything they did to me, every cut, every movement. Once they finished, they cleaned me, moved me into the bed, and put me in a room. A few hours passed and the drugs began to stop working, I can move again, I have control, but the pain is still restricting me. I fell asleep a few minutes later. When I woke up, I didn’t feel any pain, I was still in the same bed. The clock said 4:32, it was analog, so I’m not sure if it’s AM or PM. The tubes weren't connected to me anymore, the IV and the lights were turned off. I stood up and examined my body, my left arm is in a cast and my neck is braced. I walked to the window and opened the curtains, darkness shrouded the outside world, the street below shined with light from traffic and street lights. I walked to the door, opened it, and began walking down the hallway. The halls are crowded with patients and doctors. I walked into the elevator and pressed the first floor button. When I reached the first floor, I searched for an exit. No one tried to stop me, I found the front door and walked out. Where am I? This isn’t my town, nothing seems right. A doctor grabbed my arm and said, “You need to come back inside.” I walked with him to a room. He closed the door and talked to me about what happened to my body, but I didn’t want to know that, I wanted to know who started the fire, and hit me with a chair.“Where’s my wife?” I asked.He took a minute to answer. “She’s in the asylum.”“Where’s it at?”“I can’t tell you.”“I need to see her. I need to know if she did it.” He called the police into the room. They told me it was her, and that she’s being taken care of. I don’t believe them, but it’s the police, they must know more than me.

I was sent home as soon as my neck and arm healed. I walked out of the cab and stared at my house for a few minutes before entering. A maid kept the house clean. I walked to the back yard and stared at the burn mark in the middle. I can feel my sanity slipping away, but I kept my mind together as much as possible. I went back in the house and walked up the stairs, then looked at the place where she was sitting, right at the window, staring down at the fire. The memory projected in front of me, it was like I was really there again. I have to get some sleep. My dreams revealed more. At the bottom of the stairs I can see my wife looking at me. She dropped the chair, then leaned on the wall and said, “You’re welcome.” I woke up and rushed out of my house, trying to escape the memories. It’s foggy outside, which brought back even more memories I don’t want to remember. I kept running until I ran out of energy and collapsed onto the sidewalk. There has to be a way out of this hell. This can’t be real, I’m not here, I’m not here, get out of my head! The memories must die. I banged my head on the concrete sidewalk multiple times, each time harder than the last, blood spilled out and I lost consciousness. I regained consciousness in a white padded room, my head’s bandaged up, and more bandages lay on the soft bouncy white floor covered in blood. I can’t find a door, it’s all padded, but there is a camera staring at me in the corner. I just keep remembering that day, it was the reason I’m in here. I thought about all the things that happened to me, and put them in order. My story looped in my mind, each time less disturbing than the last.The wall I’m sitting on opened and I rolled out into the hallway. Two guards pulled me up and said, “Lunch time.” They dragged me down the hallway and into the lunch room. I sat and ate while scanning the people around me. After about ten minutes of searching, I found her, I found my wife.

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