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Blitzkrieg Mod

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This is no ordinary Company of Heroes modification.It has reached a whole new level.The expanded the Company Commander section and added much to it..With 16 upgrades,from the original 6,it creates more possibilities and experiments.It also makes the game more slow-paced,the way good strategy games are,compared to games like Command and Conquer,where blobbing is a norm,and Starcraft,where things like spamming Carriers is rare but deadly.

Realism.The realism in this game is FANTASTIC.The weapon stats,the armor penetration system,all of which are very well done.Normally,a side or rear hit on a Tiger could potentially be fatal,but the commander would think,'Ah,no worries,it can take a few more.'But in this mod,it becomes like,"Oh,sh*t,It almost took out my tank!RETREAT!'

Variety.The variety in this game is GREAT.Many units to choose from,lots of doctrinal abilities,many strategies,this mod has it all.From units to reward units,it's quantity is almost limitless...Or at least until they incorporate every unit that played a major part in the Second World War...

This mod is exciting,and is very well done.I'd usually take this mod for many others,as I don't play much.On that bombshell,I conclude my review

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