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Hello. :)) I m nw here. I am looking for some1 to hlp me with moding.

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This is a story I'm writing in chapters. Please comment your opinions.

Star Wars KotOR:
Twist of the Force

Chapter 1:

Blaster fire could be heard from the end of a light blue durasteel corridor along explosions and painful groans even through a sealed blastdoor of the reinforced bridge platform. The Procalimer was a heavily modified Star Dreadnought with the changes being supervised by Lord Revan himself. He always took care of every single detail on everything he had, it didn’t matter if it was his lightsaber or his personal flagship. The noise suddenly went silent, leaving a few lone footsteps in the background become louder as they came closer to the blastdoor. Now the room was filled with silence as three light spots became brighter and brighter on the blastdoors surface. The dark jedi that were acting as Revans personal guard tightened their grip on their lightsaber and putting their fingers on the activation trigger. Revan didn’t even turn to spare a glance at the door as he seemed to fix his gaze on Malaks flagship, the Leviathan. Malak was his closest before the Mandalorian wars, but during the war they grew apart, and finally when they turned to the Dark side, Malak didn’t feel any connection to Revan. Revan sighed silently and turned his gaze to the small Republic fleet. He knew that it was a trap, and he was found it amusing how life could make the ones he once saved to try and kill him. Still he came. Nobody knew why but Revan himself. As he pulled himself back from his thoughts, he realized that his guard had been defeated and that five jedi stood ready to face him. The one in the center stepped forward drawing his attention to her.
“You’ll never win Revan.” Bastila Shan said with a serious frown on her face as she placed her gold lightsaber in an Ataru stance.
“I don’t intent to.” Said Revan, his mask hiding a smirk as he watched confusion on the Jedis’ faces.
“What do you mean Sith?” Asked the jedi to Bastilas left. Revan now turned his head to the Jedi, his mask giving a dead-like stare with made a chill go through the Jedis spine.
“I don’t want to fight you unless absolutely necessary…Unless you don’t cooperate.” Revan said the last part slowly, making sure that all of them would clearly understand what he said.
“What makes you even think we would convert to your Sith teachings!?” Another Jedi on the far right end half shouted in shock that a Sith Lord would think that the Council would send someone who would betray the Jedi Order on such a dangerous mission.
“Before we continue with this lovely chit-chat, I would like to make one thing clear.” Said Revan as he moved his hands to the interior of his hood and to the back of his head, releasing the straps to his mask and removing it from his face. “I’m not and never was a Sith… Well, not truly at least.”
Even more shocked by this statement the Jedi looked in disbelief in a healthily colored faced which was more than odd for a Sith Lord… unless Revan was telling the truth. The Jedi quickly removed such thoughts from minds, deciding not to believe the Sith Lord.
“What kind of trick is this?” Bastila asked clearly not believing that Revan is telling the truth about him not being a Sith. He was a Sith Lord for Gods sakes!
“This is no trick. I’m being honest, I swear. I need you to do as I say, Malak is planning to betray me and…” He didn’t even get to finish the sentence before a Twi’lek Jedi interrupted.
“So this is what you want us to do!? Save you from your own apprentice? You? A massacring maniac?” Revan was clearly annoyed by the words of the Twi’lek Jedi.
“I did what had to be done for reasons I don’t have time to explain! I need you to do exactly as I…” He was again interrupted, but this time by Bastila.
“We will never obey a Sith! For the Jedi!” She rushed towards him, followed by the rest of the Jedi forming a wedge formation.
“So be it.” Said Revan disappointedly, but not surprised as he grasped his lightsaber with his right hand, and killing two Jedi to his left with a wave of force lightning. He moved his left hand to the right and used the Force to push the further most Jedi to his right to the lower area of the bridge with the control consoles. The Twi’lek Jedi landed with force that crushed a communications console which caused it to explode and instantly kill the Twi’lek Jedi. Surprised by the sudden loss, Bastiala and her Rodian Jedi friend stopped to consider how smart it is to charge headlessly into a duel with a Sith Lord. Revan took a Juyo opening stance and the Jedi looked at each other and both nodded. Taking slow steps they approached the Sith Lord. Using a speed only achievable by using the Force, he almost disappeared and reappeared behind the Rodian which fell to his knees, his hands on his cut open and burnt stomach. The Jedi Padawan turned just to see her friend dying at Revans knees.
“No...” She wept silently, taking her gold lightsaber to Revans his back, trying to hit his spine, but it hit a quickly placed blood red blade. Revan turned his head to face the Padawan.
“It didn’t have to be like this Bastila.” Said Revan with a sad expression on his face. “If you did what I said you would all be alive and with me a on your ship.”
“What!?” Said Bastila in disbelief. Revan took the time while Bastila was shocked to push her blade off his back and with a turn to move out of her attack range and deactivate his lightsaber.
“I wanted you to fake your own deaths and… Oh Fierfek!” He cursed as he rushed to Bastila, catching her in his grasp and jumping over to the floor as a series of explosions caused by Malaks proton torpedoes. Bastila groaned in pain, her body slightly burnt as Revan protected her mostly from the explosion. Revan wasn’t so lucky. He had durasteel pieces through out his right leg, along with some fractures on his wrist and both legs. His head hit the floor with shattering force when he jumped with Bastila to protect her. Along with some cuts along his back, there was a deep cut on the back of his head. It had taken a moment for Bastila to realize what happened and she turned to see Revans unconscious head rest over her left shoulder. A spark of worry crossed her when she saw his wounds.
Pull yourself together Bastila, he’s a Sith Lord!” But she owed him, he saved her life. With a sigh, she gently moved his body and crouched by him to sense how much damage to him was done and started to panic when she sensed almost all life gone from him. She couldn’t leave him to die, but she didn’t know what to do. There were no medkits in sight, so she had to use the Force. While she was still a Padawan, she saw a couple of Masters heal through the Force and she had to try.
“Pray that I remember this correctly.” She said to the unconscious body of the Sith Lord. It worked by the looks of it. The cuts started healing rapidly, although the one on the back of his head was still slowly bleeding. She had to pull out the durasteel fragments before they healed into his body. Bastila needed something to apply pressure to the wound on the back of Revans head. Spotting the mask near, she reached for it and put it onto Revans head, tightening the straps as much as possible. A little sick from exhaustion and the fact she went through Revans insides, she turned her attention to her surroundings. She had to get out quick before more Sith arrive which was very unlikely because of the fact that the ship was about to explode. Dragging Revan with her, Bastila rushed for her boarding vessel. Putting him in a lying position onto the row of passenger seats, the Padawan flew hastily towards the Republics capital ship. Turning to see Revan on the passenger seats, Bastila entered the Republic frequency into the comm.
“Jedi Bastila Shan here, requesting to speak to Admiral Dodonna.” Admiral Dodonna immediately took over the comms almost pushing the communications officer over his chair.
“Bastila, report, what happened?” Asked Dodonna.
“I’ve managed to capture Revan, he requires extensive medical treatment that can only be provided on Dantooine. We need to retreat and set course for Dantooine at once.” Said Bastila as she sped past a Republic Corvette.
“OK, we’ll enter hyperspace the moment you land.” Said admiral Dodonna loud enough so the captain could hear. The captain understood and told the forces to prepare for an immediate retreat.
When Bastila landed in the Hangar, she saw that a circle formed around her ship made of curious soldiers. She moved to the back of the ship, and half opened the door to tell the soldiers to go about their business.
“You better be worth all this trouble.” Bastila said to the uncouncsious Revan as they entered hyperspace to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine…

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hvala na savetu ali imam World in Conflict igricu bez ovog nastavka ali mi malo secka posto mi komp malo stariji treba uzmem sada novi pa cu da igram. svidja mi se realnost igrice ali fale jos neke armije da se ubace i da mogu da se biraju. a posto vidim da igras star wars koja je po tebi najbolja igrica koja ima veze sa tom tematikom ja sam igrao onu academy i odusevio me je ali to sam igrao davno kada sam kupio comp.

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to sam i ja nekad mislio. kako mozemo da igramo zajedno generals preko interneta. ja iz nisa. e ima opasna igrica act of war slicna generalsu mnogo realna samo nema igrljivost toliku zbog to realizma

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