I'm something of a video game enthusiast. I love my guns, my country, and my faith. My favorite video game is halo 2. Huge star wars fan.

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Darth_Weasel Apr 8 2014, 10:05pm says:

What exactly are we capable of modding in mass effect right now? like can we build story mods or are we still restricted to texture mods and such?

+1 vote     game: Mass Effect 3
Darth_Weasel Apr 5 2014, 12:33am replied:

I have read the books and I still think halo 4 is terrible. They broke the online with all the additions as well.

+2 votes     media: Shield Worlds
Darth_Weasel Mar 31 2014, 4:07am says:

can garrisoned units shoot out?

+2 votes     media: Imperial Bunker
Darth_Weasel Mar 27 2014, 2:52am says:

Just to be wondering you won't ever be making ground additions for this mod?

+2 votes     mod: Old Republic at war
Darth_Weasel Mar 22 2014, 5:39pm says:

Does anyone know if there is a Force Enlightenment mod that adds energy resistance, force resist, and force barrier?

+1 vote     mod: The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM)
Darth_Weasel Mar 8 2014, 3:09pm replied:

the mod fixer keeps telling me i don't have TS installed do you know how to fix this?

+2 votes     mod: NCM Revolution
Darth_Weasel Mar 1 2014, 7:17pm replied:

You'd be a fool not too.

+2 votes     media: Fest
Darth_Weasel Feb 18 2014, 11:17am says:

At the end of the video is that earth from mass effect 3?

+2 votes     article: Caffeine Updated Gameplay Trailer
Darth_Weasel Jan 1 2014, 3:46pm says:

Happy New year! I want a ball drop like that. lol

+1 vote     media: Coruscant Ball Drop
Darth_Weasel Dec 27 2013, 10:45am says:

all i can think of is the smart gun on aliens.

+1 vote     article: The Red Solstice - Heavy Support class
Darth_Weasel Dec 27 2013, 2:39am says:


+1 vote     media: Sci-Fi - Good vs Evil
Darth_Weasel Dec 27 2013, 2:19am replied:

more like a gungan space station.

+1 vote     media: Space Colony
Darth_Weasel Dec 27 2013, 2:14am says:

What mod is this?

+1 vote     media: UNSC
Darth_Weasel Dec 27 2013, 2:11am replied:

No one in the Empire new how to aim.

+1 vote     media: You think it's enough?
Darth_Weasel Dec 27 2013, 2:01am replied:

droid dual heavy laser turrets(ground combat) will not shoot

dark trooper phase 0 gets stuck in jet pack mode when he uses his jet pack ability

crix madine's bombard ability does nothing

establishing the new republic does absolutely nothing. no new units or hero like it says it's supposed to do.

x-wings and tie fighters (ground combat) have an excessive difficulty attacking ground targets. they fly around in circles and rarely shoot.

+2 votes     article: An update to remove bugs (other than Geonosian bugs)
Darth_Weasel Dec 27 2013, 1:40am says:

where can i get that snow globe? lol

+1 vote     media: Have an great christmas eve and new year
Darth_Weasel Dec 19 2013, 6:52pm replied:

have you tried the icon fix? it's in the downloads.

here's a link.

+1 vote     article: An update to remove bugs (other than Geonosian bugs)
Darth_Weasel Dec 19 2013, 4:56pm says:

droid empire can only get lvl 3 space station in galactic conquest.

empire plex soldiors break up into unusable single units when they go out of a bunker. also their mine ability doesn't work.

rebel infantry (don't remember if you moved them back into squads or not) when landing on a planet several infantry have a tendency to get stuck beneath the map. also wookies and pirates cannot shoot.

empire will take several ssd's into the battlefield at once all on the same point (so 5 ssd's look like one). absolutely annihilates everything regardless of what you have as a defense. no way to kill them conventionally. (not really a bug just a huge balance issue)

starkillar is usable by the rebel AI.

bringing in a munificent star frigate in skirmish or galactic conquest causes an exception error.

In skirmish there are many doubles of units on both space station and research station.

i think there are more ive found but i can't remember at the moment.

+3 votes     article: An update to remove bugs (other than Geonosian bugs)
Darth_Weasel Dec 19 2013, 4:27pm says:

Reminds me of tiberium. lol great job though

+1 vote     media: Carbon, Nova, and Ore
Darth_Weasel Nov 5 2013, 11:01am replied:

i have the same problem. my computer also crashes sometimes when i try to extract the files or run the .exe

+1 vote     download: Expanding Fronts - Galactic Empire BETA
Darth_Weasel Nov 4 2013, 10:16pm says:

for some reason whenever i try to unzip the files my computer crashes. and later when i try to run the program to install the program cant run. anyone know how to fix this?

+1 vote     article: Expanding Fronts - Galactic Empire BETA Released!
Darth_Weasel Oct 30 2013, 6:33pm says:

Wasn't this a GDI unit in tiberium dawn?

+1 vote     media: APC
Darth_Weasel Oct 21 2013, 6:49pm says:

praetorian frigates?

+1 vote     media: All Stars Burn as One Pictures
Darth_Weasel Oct 13 2013, 1:21pm says:

could this perhaps be a one time use superweapon? destroy's the planet and everything around it and turns the planet into a black whole much like the deathstar turns planets into asteroid fields?

+1 vote     media: Han's worst idea ever!
Darth_Weasel Sep 13 2013, 11:57am says:

What mod is this?

+1 vote     media: Sith Empire Fleet - Great Galactic War
Darth_Weasel Jul 13 2013, 1:44pm says:

there should be a special tech structure to recruit kangaroo jack...

+1 vote     media: Soviet Tanks in the Australian Outback
Darth_Weasel Jul 10 2013, 12:46pm replied:

a perfect analogy. although if you factor in creative mode technically you could fashion your own map completely handmade.

+1 vote     poll: You prefer game levels to be
Darth_Weasel Jul 8 2013, 10:57am replied:

technically we all hand make our own minecraft levels

+4 votes     poll: You prefer game levels to be
Darth_Weasel Jul 4 2013, 12:41pm replied:

i just thought it might fit into the merchant space dock special units. seeings how it was a ship used extensively for thousands of years pirates could have gotten ahold of them.

+1 vote     media: Republic at War v1.1.5
Darth_Weasel Jun 30 2013, 11:29pm says:

they have like 8 turbolaser turrets. at least they do in another mod and it looks like these ones do too

+2 votes     media: Various Screenshots
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