I signed up to this sight solely for CnC game mods and groups.Since then i have started to get mods for all my games .Any recommendations as to which I should download or join?(I have no modding skills myself).

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Darth-Chaching Nov 2 2013, 3:26pm says:

I know the community's got divided opinions about the now canceled game, but this really just sucks. This has happened to too many development houses in gaming over the past few years. I hope everyone involved comes out of this ok.

+9 votes   media: Victory Games Packing Up
Darth-Chaching Jul 25 2013, 6:17pm says:

I miss you so
*Sheds a tear*

+13 votes   media: Westwood Studios Wallpaper
Darth-Chaching Jul 19 2013, 7:50pm says:

It's awesome, can't wait for future content :)

+2 votes   download: Stargate: Battlefront - Demo 1
Darth-Chaching Mar 8 2013, 8:19am replied:

That's why I said "for the most part".
I didn't really like RA3 tbh, I found it more entertaining than TW though. I liked the addition of a third faction in each to try and add a bit more diversity and the mechanics for Scrin and the Rising Sun worked well enough I suppose(though I really wanted more than what we got). One of my biggest complaints since EA's complete take over though is that, without mods, their titles go stale very quickly and for me, it's because of a lackluster campaign. Multiplayer has it's importance too but I'm sure we all still go back and play WW's campaigns, for many different reasons, but my primary one is the story, something I fell EA's never been able to match.
(Let's not even mention TT, everyone knows it's one of the worst games ever, nothing more needs to be said about it)

+2 votes   media: What the Press is saying about C&C
Darth-Chaching Mar 8 2013, 6:01am replied:

Well Red Alert 3 deviated a little from the norm to be fair... But I would agree for the most part gameplay's been the same.
But for me the best thing about C&C has always been the story and in my opinion, without question, WW's stories were superior to EA's.

+2 votes   media: What the Press is saying about C&C
Darth-Chaching Oct 28 2011, 11:11am replied:

actually to be fair seeing as you can't really attack me specifically:
"my men have lost their battling ability,i must retreat to fight another day".
count your self lucky i've forgotten the specifics of my fleet, all i remember is that i have six droid armies created before our great battle with the jedi and republic weeks ago,i have more i just need to remember what they were.
i order my droid army to enter the shielded area and leave a few ships to defend their trip.
i enter hyperspace with the rest of my fleet.

+1 vote   group: Sith Empire
Darth-Chaching Oct 28 2011, 11:06am replied:

i activate a little surprise i left on korriban a long time ago.a shield springs up over a small area on the planet and the ground opens up to reveal a mass of planetary defense cannons(mix of ion cannons and hyper velocity guns).they immediately commence firing on adenn'verda's capital ships severely damaging their numbers and shields.i simultaneously order my remaining corvettes to commit kamikaze attacks on verda's ships.though my numbers deplete from this my main ships(capital ships) are still massive in numbers.i launch three of my six droid armies to land and support the ground forces,i position my ships so as that verda can't hit them as they land.

+1 vote   group: Sith Empire
Darth-Chaching Oct 28 2011, 10:59am replied:

i did a long time ago, i've actually forgotten the numbers and what ships composed it.it has been a long time since i battled another.

+1 vote   group: Sith Empire
Darth-Chaching Oct 28 2011, 9:57am replied:

"i have returned" echoes through the enemy ships.
my entire sith fleet exits hyperspace and immediately starts firing on your forces.
"it has been too long since I've battled another, i feel my powers growing again"

+1 vote   group: Sith Empire
Darth-Chaching Oct 28 2011, 9:52am replied:

no, it's kane from C&C

+1 vote   media: Kane
Darth-Chaching Oct 28 2011, 9:51am replied:

which war? i've been busy.
i'm still traveling the unknown regions now but i shall soon make a temporary return.
(translation:school finishes soon so i'll be able to go online more often for about a week)

+2 votes   member: Darth-Chaching
Darth-Chaching Oct 26 2011, 2:35pm says:

what might have been...

+8 votes   media: Tiberium FPS
Darth-Chaching Oct 5 2011, 2:28am replied:

Go On You Boys in Blue!

+1 vote   member: Darth-Chaching
Darth-Chaching Sep 10 2011, 4:39pm says:

with a bit more work i think it could look amazing, keep up the good work.

0 votes   media: Vibroblade - Katana like
Darth-Chaching Aug 30 2011, 5:17pm says:

(unfortunately school started up again so i won't be as involved anymore but that sounds dull so instead i'll say this:)
I am travelling to the unknown regions, i shall not return for many moons, i do not know now what it is that I am searching for but I will know when i find it. I may change massively or stay the same. I may become more powerful then ever or significantly weaker.
We all have our journeys, our paths, our roads to take in life, this is mine, until my return i bid you all fare well.

+2 votes   group: Sith Empire
Darth-Chaching Aug 30 2011, 5:49am says:

GDI commander "overkill, it's not overkill what are you talking about?"

+5 votes   media: Crazy mixup
Darth-Chaching Aug 28 2011, 6:50am says:

i really do love this game

+2 votes   group: RA2 lovers group
Darth-Chaching Aug 26 2011, 5:58pm replied:

i was just joking around too, sorry if that wasn't clear and i just checked mox's spam, i don't condone it but you can just delete it like we are now doing to the immature comments, all i'd ask is that you don't go overboard with it and delete every sith comment.

+1 vote   group: Sith Empire
Darth-Chaching Aug 26 2011, 5:55pm replied:

no because it did happen, you weren't online when it happened, it's all there on the jedi page just go back thirty or so pages and you'll see it

+1 vote   media: Utapau temple
Darth-Chaching Aug 26 2011, 5:37pm replied:

i'm not a religious man but i live in ireland, one of the most catholic nations on earth. I was raised a catholic and so too was almost everyone i know. statements like "for god's sake" and shouting jesus christ when something goes wrong is just part of me and my friends, something i'd like to change but can't.
not everything is black and white especially when it comes to religion and language.

+1 vote   media: Jedi Vs Sith
Darth-Chaching Aug 26 2011, 5:30pm replied:

it's hard to twist someones words when the entire quote is above what you just wrote...

+2 votes   group: Sith Empire
Darth-Chaching Aug 26 2011, 5:29pm says:

you know it's nice not having stupid comments from immature 10 year olds anymore,thank you very much xerstorung.

+3 votes   group: Sith Empire
Darth-Chaching Aug 26 2011, 4:57pm replied:

no because the temple is gone, you weren't there to defend it, your fleet was destroyed and so was your temple.just go, hide, build up your forces and return to try and take the planet back.

+1 vote   media: Utapau temple
Darth-Chaching Aug 26 2011, 2:42pm replied:

no i destroyed the fleet with my fleet i used the force on the debris, please read what i'm writing.

+1 vote   media: Utapau temple
Darth-Chaching Aug 26 2011, 2:31pm replied:

ah ah ah temper, temper jedi shouldn't say things like that, perhaps you would make a good sith...
lol,jk just messing i know you'd never leave the jedi.

+2 votes   group: The Jedi Order
Darth-Chaching Aug 26 2011, 2:27pm replied:

you're starting to sound like johnboy and that's not a compliment

+1 vote   media: Utapau temple
Darth-Chaching Aug 26 2011, 2:25pm replied:

no number of ion cannons could have destroyed an entire fleet hurtling at them.also debris is a bit different then a fully functioning ship, there's no resistance, you don't have to contend with engines trying to stop you and of course IT'S IN SPACE there's nothing at all stopping you, it would take little effort for any sith because as i just said at the time the galaxy's suffering fueled us.

+1 vote   media: Utapau temple
Darth-Chaching Aug 26 2011, 2:17pm replied:

the dark side is more powerful than you know, with what was going on in the galaxy at the time every sith was near unstoppable, the screams of pain, suffering and death fueled us all, any sith could have done what i did that day.

+1 vote   media: Utapau temple
Darth-Chaching Aug 26 2011, 8:43am replied:

it's just a figure of speech...

+1 vote   media: Jedi Vs Sith
Darth-Chaching Aug 26 2011, 8:40am replied:

ariel you clearly didn't read my entire post:
first of i didn't have spies on every ship as you said your fleet was huge and putting a spy on every ship would be a near impossible task.
second (and this one is important) i threw the debris left from your ships down to the planet surface. no shields can withstand an entire fleet crashing into it. immediately after i began orbital bombardment, your shields were down so your defense turrets and ion cannons were destroyed.also with the orbital bombardment your escape tunnels would have been reduced to rubble.
third then my army landed and yes they did encounter massive resistance and they were being pushed back until i landed personally to lead the attack.i located where the remaining jedi were and used a massive force lightning attack fueled by what was happening throughout the galaxy. it killed the jedi and destroyed my droids.
i then made my way to the temple and used the debris from the area to crush what was left of it.

0 votes   media: Utapau temple
Darth-Chaching Aug 25 2011, 7:10pm says:

very nice tendix.(side note: i love how awesome all our articles look)

+3 votes   article: The Golden Age of the Sith
Darth-Chaching Aug 25 2011, 6:22pm replied:

ye good luck with that...

+1 vote   media: Sith Galaxy wide Attacks.
Darth-Chaching Aug 25 2011, 2:46pm says:

a glorious day in our history.

+5 votes   media: The Sith Temple on Coruscant
Darth-Chaching Jul 20 2011, 10:59am says:

wish i could help, i really hope you find someone, love your work so far :)

+4 votes   article: I need Help
Darth-Chaching Jul 5 2011, 6:19pm replied:

we sith can say the same about you jedi.

+1 vote   media: War
Darth-Chaching Jun 27 2011, 7:37pm replied:

as do i my master, perhaps one day we will get the opportunity to do it again.

+3 votes   media: Interdictor Cruiser
Darth-Chaching Jun 16 2011, 6:32pm replied:

go to a war zone and say that. All you'll see is a desert and blood, so much blood..

+1 vote   media: Nod infantry in Tiberium
Darth-Chaching Apr 27 2011, 5:37pm says:

any chance of posting the video?

+2 votes   media: Kanes Wrath/Challenge ending
Darth-Chaching Mar 28 2011, 4:29pm replied:

that sounds like a good idea for a mod,anyone want to try it? I can't mod myself but I would definitely download it if it was made.

+4 votes   media: CnC Tiberian Twillight Fan Art
Darth-Chaching Feb 12 2011, 6:48pm says:

The game should have been called "C&C fail"

+14 votes   media: The End
Darth-Chaching Dec 7 2010, 2:14pm replied:

can you give us a link please?

+4 votes   media: Misc images
Darth-Chaching Oct 24 2010, 10:39am says:


+2 votes   media: Beta harvester concept render
Darth-Chaching Oct 6 2010, 12:01pm says:

ahhhhh,what might have been....

+2 votes   media: Tiberium
Darth-Chaching Sep 1 2010, 2:23am says:

it's cool but whats it made on

+1 vote   media: the nod Banshee
Darth-Chaching Aug 24 2010, 1:30pm says:

that's awesome

+4 votes   media: Red Battalion
Darth-Chaching Aug 20 2010, 12:59pm says:

3 banshees beats 1 MK2.
1MK2 beats entire nod base.
think i'll take the MK2.

+6 votes   media: Inside MKII. now this is fun!
Darth-Chaching Jun 7 2010, 4:17pm says:

why can't you put these on vgar?

+1 vote   media: Some of my favorites
Darth-Chaching Jun 4 2010, 12:20pm says:

i like this one the most.

will there be base building with all crawlers (i hope so) or just with defense class like in C&C4?

+2 votes   media: Nod Support Crawler 1
Darth-Chaching Apr 11 2010, 12:02pm says:

EA(LA) sucks!

+8 votes   group: EA Fans
Darth-Chaching Feb 17 2010, 10:41am says:

very cool.

+2 votes   media: This inspireted me. I copy this.
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