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darkrockgames Aug 14 2008, 11:10am says:

2D :)

+1 vote   game: Cosmic Sunder: Elements
darkrockgames Jun 2 2007, 3:57pm says:

Thaks fitzroy_doll, tbh i'd never noticed that at all, thanks for pointing that out, much appreciated :-)

+1 vote   mod: Transitions
darkrockgames Jun 1 2007, 2:04pm says:

Quote:When I play the game, after I enter the portal at the beggining, It says "To continue this path Load and Play Half-Life2 Including Half-Life2 Episode one". I don't have Episode One -I have beaten it though- . Can I still Play?

You simply do not enter the portal, the idea behind Transitoins is that you decline the Gmans offer of work by not enter the portal, from which you are then transported into the actual game :-)

Quote:Also, in your Transitions_English.txt file, you need to change all the lines which begin "Transitions_..." to "HL2_..." except for the chapter titles on lines 6 to 9. This will fix the weapon names, which currently display incorrectly.

What issues are you experiencing? i don't seem to have issues with any of the weapons? and have tried on several different machines, Oh and thanks for your input it's very much appreciated, i've taken several steps to ensure that the level are within winnable conditoins, by both reduction of the vortigaunt attack points and health, inclusive of health ponds nearby almost every battle situation, howver will look into this further.

Thanks again :-)

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darkrockgames May 24 2007, 5:49pm says:

For those interested, Transitions will be available on disc via PCZone magazine in it's August edition (#183)... :-)

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darkrockgames May 24 2007, 5:47pm says:

You need to make sure that every blue vortigaunt has been eliminated, as soon as this has been achieved the four portals will be opened allowing access to the last blue shield holder, and then finally to the portal which will transfer you to the next level.

Walkthrough: sorry not yet

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darkrockgames Jul 12 2007, 3:27pm says:

Check the path's directory, the installation should have worked fine if it states so.

It just means that the Transitions folder is somewhere else on your computer, do a windows search for the file, then cut and paste the whole folder into the SourceMods folder where it should be located, restart steam, and it should then be visible.

:-) hope this sorts it out for you.

+1 vote   mod: Transitions
darkrockgames May 8 2007, 5:09am says:

It shouldn't be that hard, lots of movement and don't forget to use the health ponds available throughout the world that should see you right.

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darkrockgames May 7 2007, 1:16pm says:

K, the bandwidth of my site has been increased, so for the moment you can use the link, but please use the ModDB for downloads when they've approved the file.

Please remember that this Mod is a solo effort so i apologise if it's not truly amazing and up to most people's expectations, but it is what i managed to produce in 3 month of solid 9 to 5 level designing.

Thanks all,

happy Gaming :-)

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darkrockgames May 9 2007, 1:02pm says:

Your right, on that particular section the vortigaunt are triggered to appear in a group of five. However, the shotgun can be picked up just before the portals are triggered, the shotgun also has enough power to kill a vortigaunt with one bullet (2 max if from a meager distance). You should then be able to utilise the health ponds, the shotgun, and the ammo close by to overcome the foes.

Antlions and headcrabs: with regards to these 'missing' creatures, unfortunately time was not something that was on my side and their lack of presence is only due to that fact. I had many initial plans for many of ther creatures to re-appear in this game, but alas never made it (a shame i know :-( ).

The combine soldiers are there to tell some of the storyline and allow for the player to re-supply in a (somewhat) realistic manner. The combine are informing the player that they have already been here, they are part of a number of combine offensives that has failed to break through to Xen to enable the total combin/Gman rule, this is where (in my story) the xen race becomes overpowered then ultimately the controlled by the combine.

+1 vote   mod: Transitions
darkrockgames May 10 2007, 11:07am says:

No worries, there was no offence taken at all, i'm sorry if it came across that way. I was just detailing what i intended on doing, but ended up with.

I'm aware of The HL2 Saga story, and although some of it is quite interesting, the majority of it is mere speculation and the writteres own personal view of events, there is nothing to say that the combine didn't invade Xen at the same time as Earth, after all you're stuck in Black Mesa... :-)

Quote:You should make a sequel where a huge combine portal opens up in the sky and combine teleport in huge masses and completely anihilate the xen aliens. It would be awesome seeing combine blow the crap out of xen aliens.

LOL :-)
I'd love to, in possibly in the near future may well ad an update to Transitions, however the problem with sooo many combine and Vortigaunt models is that frame rates would be impossibly low, to try and re-create the encounter realistically would ake a lot of models, physics and ai interaction.

But yes it would be good :-)

+1 vote   mod: Transitions
darkrockgames May 8 2007, 10:45am says:

Thanks very much for the review, it's much appreiciated, i know that it can get a bit repetative in points, but as i was unable (at the time) to port the houdeye and grunts into the mod (unfortunately) only the Vortigaunt were a possible solution at the time.

But thanks for the honest opinion :-)

+1 vote   mod: Transitions
darkrockgames May 8 2007, 6:41am says:

if you stand in the pond until you are fully healed and then run back to the re-supply box, you should make it back to the health pond way before dying and allowing you to overcome the blue Vortigaunt.

A certain number of vortigaunt must be overcome before the final shields are opened.

+1 vote   mod: Transitions
darkrockgames May 7 2007, 8:31am says:

I seem to have run out of bandwidth on my site at the mo, and am having difficulties finding bandwidth, also having diffs getting the file shown on ModDB, but will keep trying, don't give up :-)

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