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Darkola Mar 7 2015, 5:00pm says:

Will you release the new version this year?

+3 votes   mod: Dylan's Far Cry 2 Realism Mod
Darkola Mar 7 2015, 4:49pm replied:

It doesn't.

+1 vote   mod: Dylan's Far Cry 2 Realism Mod
Darkola Mar 7 2015, 4:48pm replied:

Thanks for your response! Will wait with great anticipation for the updated release. Will you release it this year?

+1 vote   mod: Payne Evolution
Darkola Mar 3 2015, 3:35pm says:

I played this a little bit again, then reminded myself I wanted to play the enhanced version. However I wanted to give you some suggestions on what to improve:

1. The hit-indicator. It's a bit of a distraction, something about it is just off, I think it has to do with the size: it's too big. Besides, Max Payne 3 made it a kill indicator, as you know. I do remember you saying that making it a kill indicator is impossible. I suggest thinking about removing the hit indicator: the game doesn't really need it and isn't improved by it.

2. The revolver back up sidearm. I am slightly dissapointed seeing Max use a revolver like it's a beretta in cutscenes (and of course the graphic novels aren't changed and still keep the beretta). Not saying you should edit the graphic novels or cutscenes to correspond to gameplay inventory - just saying you should make an exception in making all the weapons MP3. The beretta is his weapon of choice in MP2. I'd prefer the 1911 replaced with the revolver given that it's a unique weapon to MP2, and making the backup sidearm the beretta.

3. Difficulty. I probably should've played on a higher difficulty (the highest requires an appropiate save file or registry edit, but due to frequent uninstalls and reinstalls I often lack these), but I'm fairly sure the game's still easy on higher difficulties. This is obviously because of MP3's highly slowed down bullet time mechanics. Vanilla MP2 has a much shorter shootdodge, and a gradual-slowing down bullet time mechanic. The slower bullet time in the mod gives a massive advantage. My suggestion would be to adjust the AI or Max Payne's health to accommodate.

4. The inventory system mucks up a bit at times, but you've heard this one many times already.

Beyond that you've delivered fantastic work. I eagerly await your improved version. I do hope you consider some of my suggestions, though I might be in the minority with points 1-3.

+1 vote   mod: Payne Evolution
Darkola Feb 11 2015, 7:01am replied:

Looks good but the shaking camera is a bit too much. This would give me a headache while playing!

Thanks for keeping the MP modding scene alive though!

+1 vote   mod: KILLRO EX MOD
Darkola Dec 12 2014, 7:59am says:

So you're going to fix the clipping issues and make it feel better as a first person shooter? I hope so.

Watching this.

+1 vote   mod: KILLRO EX MOD
Darkola Dec 4 2014, 1:25pm says:

Hi. Great mod. I was wondering whether your version of the mod implies you haven't finished it yet. Are you merely fixing bugs at this point until you get a bugless game 1.0, or are you adding more content?


+2 votes   mod: MEHEM - The Mass Effect (3) Happy Ending Mod
Darkola Oct 6 2014, 5:36am says:

When do you expect to release 1.5? Perhaps this year?

Thanks for your good work into making Far Cry 2 a classic.

+4 votes   mod: Dylan's Far Cry 2 Realism Mod
Darkola Sep 8 2014, 6:03am says:

This mod will be made to work with the final version of Revision, right?

+1 vote   mod: unifiedDeusEx
Darkola Apr 29 2014, 3:34pm replied:

My question is whether enemies are still bullet sponges in this patch?

+1 vote   feature: Readme
Darkola Jan 19 2014, 1:17pm says:

Are you planning on patching this even further? Not to imply it is an unfinished, buggy mess but I prefer playing the complete final version if possible.

+1 vote   mod: Payne Evolution
Darkola Jun 25 2013, 1:36pm says:

Does this work with the Adventures?

+2 votes   mod: Full Combat Rebalance
Darkola Jun 25 2013, 8:21am replied:

Why remove a feature unique to MP2 (and 1, but they had to be selected there)? I really missed the grenades in MP3. Actually, they are in the DMW coop mode of MP3.

0 votes   mod: Payne Evolution
Darkola Apr 29 2013, 12:20pm replied:

There's nothing wrong with the enemy anims in MP2. The_Silver has already tweaked the ragdoll effects, so I assume they don't comically fly away. That's good enough for most of us.

The only way to get MP3 level of anims is with Euphoria, which MP2 obviously does not support.

+4 votes   mod: Payne Evolution
Darkola Apr 22 2013, 8:09am replied:

The attention to detail you're giving this is amazing. Max Payne always had a good modding scene, but the last few years has deteriorated into millions of stupid skins, slightly modified weapons and superfluous effects. You're bringing actual change and progress to a decade old game. I usually don't suck up like this, just wanted to share you my support and admiration!

+2 votes   mod: Payne Evolution
Darkola Apr 22 2013, 8:03am replied:

Personally I think that should stay in there. It's a unique feature of Max Payne 2, and it is pretty useful when you're neck-deep in combat. Max Payne 3 chose the less flashy route, but there is still a quick reload during bullet time.

+2 votes   mod: Payne Evolution
Darkola Apr 22 2013, 2:33am says:

I assume you're looking for people with voice acting experience? I mean me and probably many others would be up to it, but we're amateur as hell.

+2 votes   news: Terminus Machina Release Slated
Darkola Apr 18 2013, 2:27pm says:

What difficulty level should I play this on?

+1 vote   mod: Dylan's Far Cry 2 Realism Mod
Darkola Apr 1 2013, 9:54am says:

Just a question on how you're ''merging'' Boiling, Chronicles and Mona the Assasin mods. Do you mean your gameplay modifications will be present in those mods?

+1 vote   mod: Payne Evolution
Darkola Mar 25 2013, 7:45pm says:

Do you think you could add widescreen support or change the FOV? Last I played this game I had to do it with plump Payne because the game doesn't support 16:9 resolutions.

+3 votes   mod: Payne Evolution
Darkola Mar 18 2013, 2:23pm replied:

Likewise. The images are great, but it would make for a great tease if you could show off some of the features you have so far.

+2 votes   mod: Payne Evolution
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