My name is Sean, I'm currently in college for Storyboard and Game Design and have been steadily working my way towards finishing a novel that I'm hoping to publish before the end of the year. Though in all honesty, that seems like a bit of a stretch considering I haven't gotten very far on it yet.

I'm an avid writer (my strong suit) and have some experience in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. I also have some minor experience in a few modeling programs such as Maya and others!

I'm looking to learn the basics of modding, and I'm looking for anyone who needs someone literate (in the English language) with resources and can use someone for some translation (I can translate german somewhat well on paper, not in audio however...) or just basic, or writing for any back-story in hopes to immerse others!

Seriously if you need a writer, I'm your guy. Not professional yet, but I'm hoping to get there soon!

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