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Hey I have no idea if this is the right place to offer an idea. But here's an idea... In recent years I've noticed that (of course) games have become more demanding of pc's. So here's my idea. I love zombie games, however there aren't a whole lot of zombie games out there that are that good. I mean you've got left 4 dead kind of games where shooting the zombies is a major part of the game, then you've got dead island where both killing the zombies and surviving are a part of the game. AND THEN You've got a mod for Arma 2 called Day Z and that is absolutely the pinnacle of zombie games, where the goal is to survive, keep yourself and everyone else in good shape, build barricades, etc. etc. you get it.

Well unfortunately I cannot play Day Z not only for the lack of money but also the lack of computer specs which is due to the lack of money. So here's the main part of my idea, how about instead of trying to develop new zombie games, trying to perfect the zombie games, wasting billions of dollars... you just mod an older game like Battlefield 2. It's not demanding of your computer at all and the maps are already pretty big. You just edit what you already have and add a scenario. It would be great to see a Day Z (like) mod for lower end computers so that its playable to even us smaller guys.

Welp theres my pitch, hope you like it.

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