Currently running a gaming forum: Hardcore gamer from scotland ;) Im really into RPG's such as The Elder Scrolls Games, and I do quite a lot of modding for TES IV: Oblivon. :)

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Nehrim: At Fate's Edge

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Nehrim... Nehrim has got to be the best mod ever created for TES IV Oblivon. In my opinion, it's miles better than the actual Oblivion game was.

It has a better story, better enviorment, better objects and is just so amazing.

Around every corner of the Nehrim world, you can see something new. Something wonderful, such as a small village, or just a random thing you wouldn't expect to find.

The whole game is beautiful, and there is so many different regions, in the time iv had the mod for (since it came out), I still haven't managed to explore them fully.

Inside the city of Erothin, you can see one of the most, realistic, immersive cities ever made for Oblivon. It's just so stunning.

I have to give Nehrim a rating of 10/10 because it's just so breathtaking to play.

A massive thumbs up to SureAI for making such an awesome mod. :D

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